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Yin Yang
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Yin Yang tattoos: what does it
mean, designs and styles

Yin Yang tattoos have their origins in Chinese philosophy.

The essence of the concept is to represent the structure of the universe, which is created from opposite and complementary elements - darkness and light, good and evil, sun and moon. This is one of the most common tattoos in the world, due to the meaning of the image.

Yin Yang tattoo designs
Yin Yang tattoo designs
Yin Yang tattoo designs

Yin Yang tattoo meaning

The main meaning of the Yin Yang tattoo is related to the unity of opposites.

The iconic symbol appeared in the III century BC. The two halves formed the basis for all the currents of Chinese culture - medicine, art, cosmology and astrology. The Yin Yang symbol was born out of Chinese traditional Taoism, which reflects the «way of things». The teaching is intended to show the way to achieving inner harmony. Yin Yang symbolizes two forces that maintain balance in the universe.

According to Chinese philosophy, black and white, good and evil and other opposing phenomena are equally necessary to achieve the balance of life. Opposites attract. Phenomena and concepts that at first glance seem incompatible, in the end form a single whole.

Yin Yang tattoo
Yin Yang tattoo

Main meanings:

  • Unity of opposites. The black side represents femininity, darkness, earth, even numbers. The white side is a symbol of masculinity, light, sky and odd numbers. Yin Yang also means unity of spirit (inner content) and form (appearance).
  • The close relationship between the earth and the sun. During the annual solstice and equinox, half of the planet is brightly lit, and the other half is in shadow. The Solstice affects the chi energy that begins to move in opposite directions.
  • Integrity and renewal. Every element of the universe, including the human, consists of separate components that complement each other. The concept is suitable for people who apart from their career are passionate about numerous hobbies, which makes their life bright, full and full of meaning. The principle of renewal means the change of day and night, life cycles, alternating successes and failures.

The Yin Yang symbol explains the contradictions that arise in the human soul and mind. The tattoo is chosen by people who are at a crossroads, forced to make a difficult decision, seeking to achieve mental balance and psycho-emotional comfort.

Yin Yang tattoo designs
Yin Yang tattoo designs
Yin Yang tattoo designs

Different designs

Yin Yang tattoos are an independent element of body art that contains a deep meaning.

In combination with other objects and inscriptions, tattoos acquire a broader meaning. Design variants:

  • With Koi fish. A body image with deep philosophical connotations. It symbolizes courage and perseverance, luck and abundance. The Koi fish represents the lessons of life. Together with the understanding of everyday wisdom it is important to remember the double side of all things and phenomena, which is reflected in the symbols of Yin Yang.
  • With a dragon. The dragon enhances and balances the values of Yin Yang - courage, fortitude, ability to overcome obstacles and find solutions to problems.
  • With the wolf. Body image is associated with the Indian concept - «Two wolves inside», which means constant internal struggle of good and evil. Each person has positive and negative qualities. And each of us determines which wolf will win. According to Indian legend, the wolf that is fed wins.
  • With the moon and the sun. The image highlights the main meaning of the Yin Yang symbol. It means the change of day and night, the alternation of phases of life, the unification of consciousness and subconscious, male and female qualities.
Yin Yang tattoo
Yin Yang tattoo

  • With mandala. A spiritual symbol that is often found in Hindu and Buddhist religions. The tattoo indicates a desire for perfection and harmony, self-awareness and appreciation of one’s own actions, passion for yoga, Oriental martial arts and other Asian practices.
  • With a flower. Each flower has a unique meaning. Combined with Yin Yang, the message becomes more powerful.
  • With the amulet «dreamcatcher». It helps to understand the nature of reality, follow the life, easily overcoming obstacles. The body images serve as a protection against troubles and diseases.
  • With the Tree of Life. The combination of two spiritual symbols provides a synergy effect when each value increases. Stresses the importance of maintaining balance, embodying the growth and prosperity generated by energy.
  • With Tiger and Dragon. Powerful body image aimed at strengthening the energy of Yin and Yang. Tiger in the plot is associated with energy of Yin, dragon - with energy of Yang. The ideal choice for people who dream of achieving harmony.

To personalize the body image, additional inscriptions and elements are used. The plot of Yin Yang is popular as part of the creation of paired tattoos. This option is chosen by couples in love, relatives and friends who want to emphasize spiritual intimacy.

Yin Yang tattoo designs
Yin Yang tattoo designs
Yin Yang tattoo designs
Different styles

Yin Yang Tattoo is made in different styles, which is due to the personal preferences of the future owner.

A common variant is minimalist tattoo, which differs in miniature sizes and is suitable for placement in any part of the body. The body image is often applied to the back palm or fingers, forearm, wrist, ankle, neck. The minimalist Yin Yang tattoo looks organically behind the ear or around the neck. The miniature tattoo often becomes an element of a scale picture or sleeve. Other popular styles:

  • Watercolor. Bright colors animate the tattoo and make it positive.
  • Abstraction. Tattoos are made without clear contours. It is a modern interpretation of the symbol.
  • Japanese and Chinese. The Yin Yang tattoo looks harmonious and fully corresponds to the philosophy.

The body image is applied to different parts of the body - arms and legs, back and chest, shoulders and lower back. The master will help you to choose the optimal location, taking into account the size, idea and style of image execution.

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