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Workplace leasing
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Workplace leasing

VeAn invites you to create tattoo masterpieces on the basis of our salon.

Your ideal working place can be found here.
Prices depend on the city you choose.

Price per day - £40

Price per month - £400

Price per consumable - depend on the city you choose

All VeAn students receive a 50% discount on the first month's rent.

*With a registered diploma.

For further information, please contact our online consultant or call +44 7467 946338

Workplace leasing
Workplace leasing
Workplace leasing


We are happy to offer:

  1. Unique Venues.
    1. Each of our studios is distinguished by its exclusive style, fostering an ambiance of innovation and motivation.
  2. Advanced Tools and Equipment.
    1. We are equipped with the essentials for producing premium tattoos, from precise tattooing devices to high-quality inks.
  3. Extensive Range of Tattoo Supplies.
    1. Our inventory features only items from the foremost international brands, ensuring each tattoo's safety and lasting quality.
  4. Opportunities for Professional Development.
    1. Become a valued member of our team and seize the opportunity to be included in our prospective employee database, unveiling your talents in diverse locations worldwide.
  5. Knowledge Exchange.
    1. In our studios, you'll discover an exceptional opportunity to exchange ideas and techniques with experienced tattoo artists, facilitating the personal and professional development of every team member.
  6. Sterilization and Leisure Spaces.
    1. We prioritize your comfort and security by providing entirely sterile working conditions and inviting areas for relaxation.
Workplace leasing
Workplace leasing

For novice masters:

You have an excellent opportunity to gain experience, to demonstrate own skills and master techniques and methods.

Workplace leasing
Workplace leasing
Workplace leasing

Hurry up! Workplace leasing at a very nice price is waiting for you in the largest tattoo studio network in the world!

Workplace leasing
Workplace leasing
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