Gift Certificate Printed on matte hard paper

* The term of validity of the certificate is one year from the date of purchase. * The certificate purchased during promotional campaigns is non-refundable.

    • Applies only to services (tattoo, PMU, piercing)
    • Applies to all masters
    • Any denomination
    • The option of additional payment is possible
    • The rest of the amount left after the service is not burned.
    • You can re-gift the certificate by giving a written refusal and identifying the person
    • Has been available across the network.
    • Has a serial number
    • Certificates are combined with one another
    • Recommended term of usage is 2 months (Term of return or exchange is 14 days from the date of purchase. Withheld 5% upon refund)
Promotional certificate On soft gloss paper

This certificate can only be used by a person to whom it was issued. Other persons are not allowed to use this certificate.

    • Service is established by the administration of the tattoo salon.
    • Does not apply to the top masters of the network
    • The denomination is set by the administration of the tatoo salon
    • Period of validity is 1 month (not available in cash equivalent)
    • The option of additional payment is possible
    • Is available in the studio that is an organizer of the special offer
    • Certificates are not combined with one another
    • Applies to everything except shop and training
    • The promotional certificate works for services from 70 pounds and covers no more than 50% of the cost.
    • Promotional certificate from 70 pounds is valid for work from 150 pounds