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Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare

Services in the sector of beauty industry are always popular.

Many people apply drawings to beautify the body, memorize a significant event in their life or manifest individuality. Dedicated fans of tattoo culture cover the whole body with drawings. With the help of body art, you can stand out among others, show your priorities and life values. Famous actors, athletes and musicians use such a method of self-expression. Celebrity fans keep up with their idols, imitating them in their efforts to decorate their bodies with drawings. Tattoos help to hide skin defects - scars and burns, which leads to a visit to the tattoo salon.

Organization of proper tattoo aftercare is a primary task of every client of our salon. Strict adherence to all recommendations promotes rapid healing of the skin integuments and the absence of complications. The recommendations of different artist can vary, due to the different techniques and methods used in the work with tools and pigments. If you make a tattoo by a professional artist, be sure to listen detailed instructions on how to organize the right aftercare.

tattoo aftercare instructions

Tattoo protection

Within 4-5 hours after applying the body picture, the skin needs effective and soft protection.

The protective materials are well-known: a film and a bandage soaked with a special antiseptic composition. The protective coating prevents pathogens from reaching the wound surface, which can trigger the infectious process. In the network of tattoo salons «VeAn» you can buy professional care products for tattoos at all stages of healing. We have a catalog of special products. We work with famous brands. All products are made in accordance with advanced technology. As a result, the aftercare becomes simple and comfortable.

The healing film is an elastic, hypoallergenic material that is firmly fixed on the skin without additional means. Adhesive film is used to protect fresh tattoos on the skin without hair. The wearing period of film material is 4-6 days. Then the film should be removed and continue to care after the tattoo in accordance with the instructions received from the artist. The film provides comfort for users. It allows you to take a shower and wear any clothes without any discomfort. An important advantage of the solution is the absence of bandages. Other advantages:

  • Thanks to its micropores, it provides air and oxygen access to the skin, which facilitates rapid healing.
  • The ability to observe the tattoo through a transparent coating.
  • It is only one procedure - the film is placed once after the session.
  • Effective protection against moisture.
  • Easy fixation on uneven surfaces due to increased material elasticity.
tattoo aftercare instructions
tattoo aftercare instructions

Sticking procedure

To stick the film, you need to cut a piece that corresponds to the size of the tattoo.

The next step is separation from the substrate and fixation on the body. When placed on the skin area, the material is stretched to cover the entire area without folding. Carefully squeeze against the skin surface so as not to injure a fresh wound. The edges of the film should protrude beyond the drawing 1-2 cm.

tattoo aftercare instructions

Dressing impregnated with antiseptic impregnation

It is understandable desire of each client of the tattoo salon to show just made picture to all friends and family.

However, do not forget about protection measures that will help to maintain health. Bandages are worn to protect the wound surface from pathogenic microorganisms. The right aftercare will ensure a quick healing of the skin tissues, which will allow you to demonstrate the picture in the shortest possible time. After completing the work, the artist covers the skin area with protective film. The owner of the tattoo is responsible for the aftercare and healing of the damaged skin. The healing time of the skin and the quality of the tattoo depend on the precise compliance with the recommendations of the artist.

tattoo aftercare instructions
tattoo aftercare instructions

Tattoo processing

After 4-6 days of wearing the film, it is carefully peeled off and a client starts to treat the site of exposure.

Before performing any tattoo care procedures, you need to wash your hands with soap. Procedure:

  1. Gentle film removal.
    1. Traces of pigment may remain on the peeled material. This is normal and does not require additional manipulation.
  2. Cleaning of the skin area at the site of exposure.
    1. For washing use special antiseptic solutions, which can be bought in the network of tattoo salons «VeAn». We sell high-quality products of reliable brands, which will provide full care and accelerate the healing of skin tissues. It is possible to wash with water and liquid antibacterial soap. It is forbidden to use rigid washcloths and sponges. You can remove impurities with cotton sponge, heavily soaked in antiseptic solution or warm water.
  3. Remove excess moisture with clean dry napkin.
    1. To rub damaged skin is prohibited. You need to touch the tattoo gently with a napkin or a dry cotton sponge.
  4. Treatment with a special ointment with antibacterial action is carried out after complete drying of the skin.
    1. The ointment is applied with neat, light movements without rubbing and pushing on the surface. In the network of tattoo salons «VeAn» there are healing ointments specially created for tattoo aftercare. The artist will recommend the best options, taking into account the size of the picture and features of your skin. Professional tattoo aftercare products do not affect the pigment, do not lead to its destruction or removal from the body. In contrast to conventional pharmaceuticals for the treatment of damaged skin, special products are less absorbed, allowing for an increase in the period between treatments.
  5. After applying ointment, the surface should be covered with a film - special or for food cooking.
    1. To keep the food film in the right place, its edges are fixed with a patch. When using a special film, no additional fixation is required.

The procedure is repeated three times during the day. It is forbidden to reuse the old film. For each processing a piece of new film material is required.

tattoo aftercare instructions
Basic rules of aftercare

The first 3-5 days are the most important for tattoo healing.

During this period, special attention should be paid to the aftercare of damaged skin. The main principles are compliance with sanitary conditions and sterility. You can feel the itching that occurs when the skin heals. You cannot scratch or rub the tattoo. On the surface of the skin forms a thin crust that cannot be stripped off by yourself. It is important to perform more frequent treatment of the damaged area to prevent drying out of the skin and formation of thick crust. If you accidentally stripped off a piece of crust, it is necessary to carry out treatment with antiseptic solution and ointment. If the picture is damaged, the artist will perform the tattoo correction after healing the skin.

tattoo aftercare instructions
tattoo aftercare instructions
What is the healing process?

It takes at least two weeks to restore the skin.

The length of the period depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, pigment density and picture size. The main recommendations are:

  • Not to visit the beach, solarium, swimming pool, baths or sauna for 20 days after the session. Hygienic water procedures as a warm shower are allowed.
  • Avoid physical exercises for 10 days after applying the picture.
  • Protect the image from external influences, including solar beams.
  • Do not take drugs that liquefy blood (aspirin).

After healing of the skin for 30 days, it is necessary to apply SPF 50 sunscreen to the tattoo area before going outside. Following the artist recommendations is an opportunity to demonstrate the tattoo to family and friends in the shortest possible time.

tattoo aftercare instructions

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