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Employment of Artists

Scoring 80 out of 100 points guarantees your place in our team.

Over 30% of students who have exceeded the threshold score have already integrated into our collective.

Benefits of Working at VEAN TATTOO

Employment at VEAN: Jobs for Novice and Experienced Artists

The VEAN salon network is the largest in the world, offering the best conditions for employment and professional development for artists:

  • We provide employees with the equipment and consumable materials necessary to provide services at the highest level. The tattoo artist independently purchases only the tattoo machine and power supply.

  • The purchase of equipment and consumable materials is conducted based on the needs and wishes of the artists.

  • We offer marketing support – we advertise our artists' services on specialized internet platforms and our official websites. A separate profile in the global catalog of artist, TattooLog, is provided for all tattoo artists.

  • We partially subsidize the cost of participation in profile-specific masterclasses and festivals by 50-70%.

  • More than 30% of our trainees, who scored the passing grade, have found their calling in VEAN studios worldwide.

  • Another 20% of talented graduates have continued their career path with our partners at Art Ink.
Employment of Artists
Employment of Artists
Employment of Artists

Professional Growth of VEAN Artists

We are committed to enhancing the qualifications of our artists, creating conditions for creative growth and development.

Refine your art and achieve lofty professional goals through a variety of projects – learn from the network's leading tattoo artists, gain access to cutting-edge technologies and tools. We are already planning to hold masterclasses and other events where tattoo artists can interact, acquire new knowledge and skills, showcase personal achievements, and gain professional experience. Stay updated on our website and social media to not miss any announcements.

Choose a convenient work schedule and labor regime – the administrator schedules clients at times agreed upon with the artists. Tattoo artists are entitled to independently set their price list, adhering to the salon's pricing policy. The percentage is determined individually. To make an informed decision, consider the benefits of working in a well-established, prestigious salon. People are satisfied with our services and trust our artists. The VEAN brand speaks for itself, naturally attracting new clients. Our tattoo artists are guaranteed a constant workload. We guarantee an income increase starting from the second month of work. An additional reason to work at VEAN is the supportive leadership, with whom any issue can be discussed and work relations adjusted.

Employment of Artists
Employment of Artists

In-House Production and Partnerships with Global Trade Brands

VEAN represents an expansive network of tattoo salons and shops offering care products for piercings and tattoos, among other goods and accessories necessary for personal use and professional work.

We collaborate with leading global brands producing goods for the tattoo industry. Our products for the tattoo sector are manufactured in Ukraine and Poland, adhering to European quality standards, as confirmed by international certificates. Another significant advantage is the ability to purchase machines, equipment, and consumable materials at substantial discounts.

Employment of Artists
Employment of Artists
Employment of Artists

VEAN Salon Network Features

Our artists are assured benefits – comfortable working conditions, professional development, and a continuous influx of clients.

Key features of VEAN salons include:

  • Prime locations in city centers with high foot traffic.
  • Constant marketing support – advertising on the internet and on street information carriers.
  • Aesthetically designed, user-friendly corporate website visited by 5,000 people daily.

We help to develop the correct approach to work, teaching how to enhance visitor services and increase demand. By following our recommendations, you can continually raise your session prices, attract new clients, and grow personally.

Employment within the VEAN salon network offers a real chance to improve your financial situation, elevate your social status, and become a respected individual. We are keen on your income growth, as it benefits our business. We will provide everything necessary and create conditions for successful career advancement. What we require from you is a desire to work, creatively develop, and explore new professional horizons. Find your place in our friendly, creative team and improve your life quality. To take the first step towards your dream – submit an application on our website, which will be promptly reviewed.

Employment of Artists
Employment of Artists

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