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Certificate VEAN

Our certificates are equated to specialized certified education and have received accreditation and endorsements from leading global organizations. They are recognized in 60 countries worldwide and are officially registered in 6 of those as a legitimate proof of professional qualification.

Certificate elements
1 Protective hologram.
2 A seal of the Global Association of Tattoo Artists.
3 Date of issue of certificate and its individual serial number.
4 It is signed by the director of the tattoo studio where the student was trained.
5 A website where authentication of artist’s certificate and international certification can be requested.
6 The seal of the network of tattoo salons which is conducting the course and a photo of the student.
Verification of artist’s certificate

Despite the fact that certificates of educational schools working in the industry tattoo, permanent make-up, and piercing are not registered in the unified state register.

Global Association of Tattoo Artists has the opportunity to verify the validity of the certificate of qualification of a particular artist.

  1. There is its own database where all certificates of educational institutions, partners of the Global Association of Tattoo Artists, are registered.
  2. The authority of the Global Association of Tattoo Artists is sufficient to make a request to an educational institution concerning the recipient of the certificate if the originality of the document is in doubt.
  3. The Global Association of Tattoo Artists can offer a specialist whose certificate is suspicious, to confirm the qualification by passing the exams.

Any legal or private person may apply to the Global Association of Tattoo Artists for the verification of the artist’s certificate. It is enough to leave the application on the website or contact the expert council of the Association by phone.

The service is free. In some cases, you may be asked to pay an additional fee for searching and providing more detailed information concerning the artist.

Being experts in tattoo, permanent make-up, and piercing, representatives of the Global Association of Tattoo Artists are ready to answer any questions related to the verification of the artist's certificate.

However, the cost is incomparably small with the advantages it provides:
  1. The employer is assured of the high qualification of his specialist.
  2. The salon or studio can be sure that the artist has the necessary professional skills, as well as familiarity with sanitary and hygienic norms, rules of professional ethics.
  3. Clients can be assured of high-quality services even at the stage of choosing a artist of tattoo, permanent make-up or piercing.
  4. Supervisory authorities will not have questions about the training of staff when inspecting the establishment.
  5. The risk of disruption in the work of professionals is reduced, which can cause undesirable consequences, because the trained artist has professional skills.

License from Tattoo Artists Association

Check the Certificate Is not just a piece of paper, it is an international document that is subject to verification and certification.

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