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Tiger tattoo

Tiger tattoos look spectacular alone or as part of a complex work.

This is a versatile body image that looks great on any part of the body and is harmoniously combined with other tattoos. Images of the animal are chosen by people of all ages and sexes.

Tiger tattoo
Tiger tattoo
Tiger tattoo

Tiger tattoo and its meaning

The meaning of tiger tattoo can vary.

It is related to traits of character and behavior of the animal. In most cases, the body image represents strength, power, energy and dominance. The main values are:

  • Pride and nobility.
  • Independence and defiance.
  • Sexuality and attractiveness.
  • Elegance and grace.
  • Courage and fearlessness.
  • Trust in your intuition and instincts.
  • Danger and threat.
  • Self-confidence and balance.
  • Freedom of spirit and leadership.
  • Protection and safety.
  • Passion and emotion.
  • Fairness and fidelity.

Eastern cultures are created on the concept of totemic animals, which include tigers. Striped animals are immortalized in art, sculptures and tattoos. Tiger is the king in its domain, that enjoys absolute power. The master controls the other animals, controls and protects the surrounding.

Tigers have great strength, freedom and independence. It symbolizes the element of wind, which moves freely in any direction. Chinese-style tattoos are often created on detailed, colorful backgrounds. The hieroglyph Han, which means «king», is often depicted on the forehead of the animal. The tiger in Chinese culture is a mystical animal with supernatural powers and abilities.

A common variant of the sketch is two animals facing each other. Often, they are symmetrical. The tigers in the picture are surrounded by Thai inscriptions. The meaning of the image is stealth, protection, speed and power. In China and Thailand, this tattoo is made to improve financial situation, attract luck and protect against adversity.

Tiger tattoo in Japan has a deep meaning. The image of the animal personifies strength and courage, protects against evil spirits, diseases and troubles. Other values are long life and bravery.

Tiger tattoo
Tiger tattoo

Types of tiger tattoo sketches

Sketches vary in size, location, style, colors.

Additional elements and inscriptions add new meaning and help to create beautiful visual effects. Additional details personalize the body image. Popular types of tiger tattoo sketches:

  • The animal is in an aggressive position combined with a wave or Sakura. It means that the owner feels like a warrior.
  • It is with the wolf. It represents the concept of royal battle. Fighting animals symbolize fearlessness and courage. Other variants include Yin and Yang opposites, opposition, and internal contradictions, which are related to the fact that the animals belong to different groups – like a cat and a dog.
  • With a snake. The drawing usually symbolizes the sexuality, passion and masculinity of the owner.
  • With the Koi Fish. Bravery and ability. It helps to achieve goals.
  • With a butterfly. It is about freedom and independence.

In Korean tattoo culture, tigers often look like cartoon characters. Animated images are often associated with the Tangun myth. The head of the animal is understood as protection, which is due to the heightened perception of the senses.

A moving or snarling animal means the ability to stand up for yourself and fight off enemies. This design is chosen by responsible and brave people. The detail of the pattern suggests the separation of white teeth, colorful fur and dark eyes. It allows to create gradients and dynamics.

It might be combined with a panther. The depiction of a striped cat symbolizes doubling strength and wisdom. If there’s a dragon next to the tiger, the tattoo means wisdom and reasonable decision-making. The main idea - hard work and wisdom help to achieve success in life. This design is often chosen by women and entrepreneurs. The balance that ensures the presence of a dragon and a tiger nearby brings good luck.

Combinations with inscriptions and objects are very common. You may see flowers, daggers and swords, stars and hearts.

Tiger tattoo
Tiger tattoo
Tiger tattoo

Different styles

Tigers look great in a realistic, minimalist and traditional style, in color and BW.

Most of the artwork is done in Japanese and Korean, Indian and Chinese styles, due to the animal’s significant influence on the culture of Japan and Korea, India and China. In these countries, the symbolism of tiger is widely presented. Popular styles for tiger tattoo:

  • Traditional. The tattoo is rich in colors, expressive lines and 2D-effect.
  • Neo traditional. It usually contains fantasy and cartoon elements that look great in combination with the dynamics of realistic design.
  • Realism. You may see the animal as in the photo. Large-scale work takes a lot of time.
  • Blackwork. Depending on the design, the drawing might be brutal or look elegant or funny.
  • Graphics. The picture is full of geometric forms and shapes.

Other popular styles include watercolor, minimalism, abstraction, new school, tribal. Tiger tattoo may be seen on the ankle and hip, shoulder and forearm, chest and back, neck and wrist.

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