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Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo is in demand among people of any sex and age, mainly due to symbolism.

The concept of revival is a popular theme that is based on myths. Many people identify it with the ability to transform and recover from life shocks, which helps to popularize this bird.

Phoenix tattoo
Phoenix tattoo
Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo and its meaning

According to ancient mythology, the mystical bird possesses immortality and is capable of resurrection after death.

References to the phoenix are found in the myths of Greece and Egypt. Often, stories are related to the sun god. The phoenix tattoo sketch primarily symbolizes revival. However, there are other ways to read the body image:

  • The cycle of being - birth, death and rebirth.
  • Renewal and resilience.
  • The beginning of a new page in life, a new path.
  • Spiritual beliefs.
  • Strength and power.
  • Hope, faith and endurance.
  • Virtue and purity.
  • Grace and elegance.
  • Reflection of personal lifepath and triumph.
  • Victory over difficulties.

The phoenix represents the sun, which is the source of life. The sun radiates heat and gives light, allowing living organisms to exist. People who choose a phoenix tattoo often tend to change and become an improved version of themselves. The bird’s pattern also indicates the owner’s desire for inner strength and confidence.

In Chinese culture, phoenixes represent the balance between Yin and Yang. Bird tattoos often symbolize harmony in relationships and family life. In combination with the dragon, the bird means the union of male and female. Regardless of the additional meanings, the phoenix tattoo indicates overcoming personal problems. The phoenix tattoo is chosen by people who are going through a bad period in their lives and hope for a happy change. The bird symbolizes resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles in life.

The phoenix is associated with fire, which is seen as a source of new ideas and inspiration. A tattoo in the form of an exotic bird will help to demonstrate the love of art and the creativity of nature. Fire is also associated with strong emotions and passion. Phoenix is the ideal choice to show your emotion and sensuality.

Phoenix tattoo
Phoenix tattoo

Types of phoenix tattoo sketches

Phoenix tattoo sketches differ in size and style.

Depending on the client’s wishes, the master performs the work in black and white or color version. Images of the mythical bird vary greatly. This allows any master to show own creatives kills and dive into experimentation. Distinctive features of the drawing - colorful, complex plumage, long tail feathers, a comb around the head.

Tattoos can transmit an image of a bird in full height or focus on individual details - feathers, head, tail. The phoenix looks equally gorgeous in minimalist design and in a colorful, bright variation.

The personalization of the sketch involves the introduction of additional details - colors, stars, inscriptions, background landscapes, keys and other objects. Flame is one of the common additions to the bird image. Flame fills the free space and helps to achieve a picture image. Other popular details - smoke, feathers, trees and leaves. All of them are perfectly combined with phoenix.

Phoenix tattoo
Phoenix tattoo
Phoenix tattoo

Different styles

Phoenix tattoos are done in different styles, which determines the character of the tattoo.

The body images in the Blackwork style are dramatic. Images in the styles of New School and Old School, Traditional, Neo Traditional and Watercolor look bright and spectacular through the usage of a wide color palette. Here we have some features in different styles:

  • Minimalism. Miniature image.
  • Graphics. Drawing based on geometric shapes and hatching.
  • Tribal. Picture created with the help of fat black lines that are woven into intricate patterns.
  • Abstraction. Phoenix without clear contours and details.
  • Fineline. Tattoo is made by thin, graceful lines.
  • Chinese. The phoenix in the Chinese style is depicted using 5 colors - red, yellow, green, black, white. It represents luck and prosperity.

The phoenix rising from the ashes is an image that inspires artists to create original tattoos. To give volume and colorfulness, the artists use bright shades - orange, red, yellow. Various techniques help to achieve a 3D effect.

People get a phoenix on the body to emphasize that they have spiritually growth and changed as individuals. Power and energy are associated with the immortal creature and fill the body images with a special meaning. The reason to choose a tattoo sketch of the phoenix is the ability to decorate the body with aesthetic pattern and stimulate yourself to achieve goals. The phoenix is the embodiment of powerful concepts that mean that, despite the difficulties of life, there is always an opportunity to start all over again.

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