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Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo is a good solution for people who want to emphasize respect for family values, show mercy, generosity, wisdom and love.

Elephant tattoo designs choose men and women of different ages. The universal body image will decorate the body and help to manifest individuality.

Elephant tattoo
Elephant tattoo
Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo and its meaning

Elephant is an animal that is revered in many Eastern cultures.

Elephant teaches to be persistent and wise enough to survive and overcome difficult times. This tattoo is chosen by people who confidently overcome difficulties and associate themselves with a strong fighter. The animal’s symbolism includes caring for family and other people in need. Often elephant tattoo is chosen to immortalize the memory of the deceased beloved ones. Main meanings:

  • Intelligence and wisdom.
  • Unity and the family.
  • Protection and defense.
  • Greatness and nobility.
  • Strength and power.
  • Loyalty and generosity.
  • Leadership and authority.
  • Luck and prosperity.
  • Perseverance, patience and enlightenment.

The image of the animal brings good luck and protects from trouble. One of the main concepts of the native image is a demonstration of kindness and loyalty to the family. Elephants live in Asia and Africa. The animal is one of the central figures of Asian and African culture, mythology and religion.

Elephants live in herds that don’t leave for the rest of their lives. The rules of the matriarchal might be seen in herds. The leader is an experienced female. Elephant tattoo is ideal for women who want to show independence and at the same time emphasize the role of mother and homemaker. Another common meaning is protection. An animal risks its life without fear to protect its relatives and offspring. The elephant is as brave as a bear or lion, fiercely fighting his enemies.

In Hindu religion, Ganesha is depicted with the head of an elephant. Such a sketch symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles in life. In Chinese and Japanese mythology, Baku is also mentioned. It is a mythical creature with the head of an elephant. Tattoos are associated with intuition and intelligence, which are exacerbated during sleep.

In Asian culture, the elephant is a symbol of good luck. Animals live up to 70 years, retaining intellectual abilities until death. This body image means benevolence, longevity, wisdom and strength. In China, elephants fought in battles and held high offices at royal courts. The animal’s illustration emphasizes greatness and high social status.

In African culture, the elephant often acts as an intermediary to help resolve animal disputes. In this context, the tattoo represents justice and wisdom. Despite its large size and weight, elephants are graceful and elegant. Talented artists convey the grace and dynamics of a large animal in a drawing.

Elephant tattoo
Elephant tattoo

Types of elephant tattoo sketches

Elephant tattoos are done in different styles.

The body images differ in size and design. Some elephant tattoos are detailed and complex, which makes them particularly aesthetic and unforgettable. Others resemble the silhouette of the animal. The choice of the style depends on personal preferences and meaning. Design options:

  • The head. Means patience and stability.
  • Mandala. A round drawing that identifies with the universe. It represents unity and balance of power. It means the search for stability in life, the interconnection of all concepts and things.
  • The group of elephants. It symbolizes the family.
  • Adult animal with an elephant. This is a way to show love and spiritual connection with your child.
  • With flowers. It shows a combination of strength and tenderness.
  • With butterfly wings. It is associated with the concept of transformation and spiritual development.

Additional details - inscriptions and objects. They help to personalize the tattoo. Illustrations of the animal against the background of natural landscapes look spectacular.

Elephant tattoo
Elephant tattoo
Elephant tattoo

Different styles

Elephant tattoos are done on different parts of the body: on the back and chest, arms and legs.

The best place is when the trunk repeats the natural body’s curves. In this case, the drawing organically merges with the body of the owner, forming a perfect union of a man and an animal. The main styles:

  • Minimalism. Miniature images are more often applied in the area of the wrist, ankle and neck. It is distinguished by thin and graceful lines.
  • Realism. It is a realistic tattoo that resembles photography.
  • Graphics. Such a tattoo is created with geometric shapes and patterns. It is ideal for fans of modern solutions.
  • Abstraction. In this interpretation, the animal lacks clear contours. Modern design looks fashionable and stylish.

Elephant tattoos are performed in different styles, including Traditional and Neo Traditional, New School and Blackwork, Tribal and Watercolor. Tattoos made in different styles show individual features.

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