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Bee tattoos: what does it mean, designs and styles

A bee tattoo is one of the most common options.

This universal story is chosen men and women of any age. The bee tattoo will decorate the body and help to develop individuality. The insect is a symbol of hard work and diligence that helps tattoo owners develop these qualities.

Bee tattoos
Bee tattoos
Bee tattoos

Bee tattoo and its meaning

Bees play an important role in many cultures.

Insects maintain the balance of the ecosystem and due to the transfer of pollen, ensure the fertility of agricultural plants. The Mayan and Aztec Indians, ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Hindus recognized the magical power and omnipotence of bees. Many gods in Hinduism are born by nectar and are closely related to the insects that collect it. General meanings:

  • Fertility and abundance.
  • Hard work and teamwork.
  • Royal power and authority.
  • The gift of eloquence and recognition.
  • Immortality and eternal life.
  • Connection to the Otherworld.
  • Love and emotional attachment.
  • Loyalty to family values.
  • Perseverance and dedication.
  • Sense of duty and responsibility.
  • Care and protection.
  • Intelligence and connection with nature.

Despite its small size, the insect is characterized by bravery. A bee actively protects the hive from enemies and their attacks. Enemies are hundreds of times larger than bees. The significance of bee tattoo is fearlessness and courage, the ability to fight off enemies, overcoming obstacles in life.

Bee tattoos
Bee tattoos

Types of bee tattoo sketches

Bee tattoos vary in size, location, design and color.

Variety of options allows you to choose a story that is combined with a personal idea. Popular sketches:

  • In combination with a hive. It represents the commonality and ability to get along with different people.
  • Honey bee. It symbolizes hard work, family protection, loyalty and bravery.
  • With honeycombs. It means unity with nature, cooperation and harmony, grace of forms and abundance.
  • With a pot full of honey. It is about wealth and prosperity.
  • Africanized bee. It symbolizes aggression, strength and ferocity, warlike spirit and perseverance in achieving goals.
  • Bee Queen. It represents beauty and leadership, self-sufficiency and power, authority and superiority.
  • Bumblebee. It is a symbol of order and organization. It means a sense of duty and positive energy.
  • Bee swarm. It indicates the priorities of life - cooperation and family. It means the ability to work together with the team to achieve a common goal.

Bee tattoo goes well with other body art creations. Inscriptions and additional details are added to the story for personalization, corresponding to a personal idea. Depending on the accompanying elements, the tattoo acquires a new meaning:

  • With a flower. It symbolizes renewal, spiritual growth, spring and the blossoming of life.
  • With the Moon. It personifies female strength, magical abilities, leadership qualities and power.
  • With a path that repeats the trajectory of the flight. It is a symbol of freedom and independence, creative inspiration and choice of a life path.

Social insects are characterized by the ability to live in harmony with others, embodying perseverance, achieving individual and collective success. Bees can be active and energetic, violent and aggressive or caring and good-natured. Various sketches of bees will help to show the meaning that the owner puts in the body image.

Bee tattoos
Bee tattoos
Bee tattoos

Different styles

Bee tattoo is a stylish body decoration, a way to express your feelings and emotions.

The body pattern is performed in different styles:

  • Tribal. The pattern, created from elements of different shape and size, looks like an ornament. Tribal bee tattoo is the continuation of the practice of unity with nature and reverence for tradition.
  • Graphics. Body images made with the help of geometric figures are a modern direction in the art of tattoos. The geometric style is organically combined with the natural shape of the honeycomb, which allows to emphasize perfection and symmetry.
  • Minimalism. Bees are small creatures. It explains the decision of many people to make a miniature tattoo. Small tattoo looks elegant, suitable for any look. The master uses simple lines and hatching to show the charm of the insect.
  • New School. Cartoon characters are popular among people of all ages. Colorful images help to remember childhood, feel energy and be tuned into the positive mood.
  • Realism. The bee looks real. There is the illusion that at one moment it will flap its wings and fly off the skin.

Bee tattoos are presented in different parts of the body. Small tattoos look great on the wrist, neck, ankle and palm. The body image of an insect is chosen as an independent decoration or an element of a large-scale composition with a large number of details. Trust your master or listen to your intuition to choose a style that will reflect your personality.

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