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Tarot Tattoos

Tarot tattoo is a popular choice for men and women, which is symbolic.

The classic deck consists of 78 cards and each card has a certain meaning. The cards are related to the stages of a person’s life - youth, maturity, old age. Reasons to get a tarot card tattoo:

  • The ability to reflect spiritual beliefs and values.
  • Expression of interest in esoteric practices.
  • The desire to find guidance, the patronage of higher forces and inspiration.
  • Motivation for self-improvement and personal growth.

Bright pictures with figures and symbols impress the imagination with thoughtful approach and mastery of execution. The Tarot card tattoo will complement the trendy look.

Tarot Tattoos
Tarot Tattoos
Tarot Tattoos

How to Choose a
Tarot Card for your Tattoo

The Major Arcana are the 22 cards that represent the evolution of human life.

The first card is the Fool from which the journey through life begins. The last is a card of the world. Intermediate Arcana are associated with different life stages and overcoming obstacles. Each card gives an understanding of the important events that occur at the current moment in your life.

The choice depends on your personal preferences and the goals you associate with creating a tattoo. If you are planning to start a new business, choose the Fool card. If you are looking for happy love, the best option is the Lovers card. If you need some advice, you stand at a crossroads and are forced to make a difficult decision, the High Priestess can help you. The Strength card is chosen to gain courage and to stand up to enemies. You need the Sun card if you want to become happy, the card «Death» - to forget about unpleasant past.

Tarot Tattoos
Tarot Tattoos

Tarot card tattoo

With the help of Tarot cards, you are given introspection, access to spiritual guidance.

It is possible to predict the future, and reveal the secrets of the past. The deck includes the Major and Minor Arcana. The meaning of each Arcana is quite wide and varies depending on the context:

  • The Fool. Innocent and clean as a newborn child - a temptation for cheaters and schemers who try to deceive. If you dig a little deeper, the Fool is the smartest, because he knows he lacks knowledge. The card is associated with a young traveler who goes on a journey through life. Meaning - aspiration to personal growth, new life and new beginnings.
  • The Magician. Meaning - inspiration, resilience, timeliness. It indicates the ability to find common ground with different people, understand needs, set goals and implement plans. Another interpretation is the unification and redirection of creative energy, which helps to transform ideas and thoughts into tangible things.
  • The High Priestess. Meaning - intuition, independence and self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-determination. All you have to do to get answers is to stop and look inside yourself.
  • The Empress. Meaning - love and life, family values, art and creative potential, the birth of new ideas and projects. The Empress is associated with femininity and fertility, maternal strength and broad perspectives within the framework of self-realization.

Tarot Tattoos
Tarot Tattoos
Tarot Tattoos

  • The Emperor. Meaning - leadership qualities, enterprise, creation, high social status, achievement of goals. The emperor is the embodiment of male energy, strength and intelligence, practicality and far-sightedness.
  • The Hierophant. It predicts success if you are able to work together in a team. Meaning - education and learning new skills, religiosity and spirituality, connection with higher forces, adherence to family and other traditional values.
  • The Lovers. This card represents the relationship between two inner personalities or two different people. It means you have to build relationships with other people to get transformative experiences. Another interpretation is the difficult choice between equal options, personality conflict.
  • The Chariot. It symbolizes continuous movement forward, aspiration for the better, overcoming obstacles. Meaning - quick victory, willpower, integrity and determination.
  • Justice. It means balance, stability, responsibility and honesty. Justice requires wisdom and impartiality. The card is associated with the achievement of harmony, integration and unification of disparate concepts.
  • Star. This card means renewal and spirituality, faith and hope, luck and fulfillment of desires. It indicates a connection with the otherworld.

Tarot tattoo card is an extravagant body decoration and powerful talisman that attracts luck, helps to find a way of life and overcome obstacles.

Tarot Tattoos
Tarot Tattoos
Tarot tattoo sketches

Tarot tattoo sketch selection depends on personal preferences.

Tattoos vary in size, style and color. Usually, to create a body image, a master chooses such styles as Realism, Traditional, Neo Traditional, Minimalism, Blackwork. Tattoo personalization uses a variety of techniques. For example, it is not necessary to make a rectangular frame of the card or apply a full image on the body. In some cases, it is better to choose a certain symbol or card element.

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