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Sunflower tattoo

Sunflower tattoo is one of the popular body art options, which is associated with aesthetic appearance and symbolism.

The history of the flower’s symbolism begins in the time of ancient Greece. In ancient Greek mythology, the aquatic nymph Clitia, unrequitedly in love with the god Apollo, was constantly watching his golden chariot sweep through the sky and turned into a sunflower. The flower’s special feature is the turn of the bud towards the sun. Both Clitius followed Apollo’s chariot and the sunflower followed the celestial light. Reasons for getting a sunflower tattoo:

  • Stylish body decoration.
  • Daily dose of beauty and positivity.
  • Versatility in terms of compatibility with clothing and other tattoos.

The flower image is a great idea for a paired tattoo that emphasizes affection and tender feelings for a lover, friend or relative. Sunflower - a symbol of love and warmth, in the pair tattoo this value increases. To personalize the plot, add dates, quotes, names or initials of loved ones.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo

What does a sunflower
tattoo symbolize?

The main meaning of sunflower tattoo is faith and hope.

Any values associated with positive energy, happiness and warmth. In Chinese culture, yellow symbolizes vitality, intelligence, joy and luck. Another meaning is longevity and health. In American culture, the flower represents the beauty of nature and the bright colors of summer. The main meanings:

  • Joy and happiness.
  • Loyalty and Sincerity.
  • Life force and positive energy.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
  • Intelligence and Wisdom.
  • Warmth and kindness.
  • Fertility and well-being.

For each owner of the sunflower tattoo reflects the individual idea and meaning. To personalize the body pattern, add details and inscriptions, change the style and traditional colors.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo

How to make the design
of sunflower tattoo interesting?

There are many ways to make a body image unique.

Experienced masters of salon «VeAn» will help to choose the option that corresponds to your world view, feelings and mood. How to give the sunflower tattoo a special meaning:

  • Add detail. Flying butterflies, frozen on the leaves and petals of ladybugs climbing the stalk of caterpillars - original elements that give additional meaning. Sunflower tattoo with butterfly means desire for freedom and change, with ladybug - pleasant news, abundance and patronage of higher powers, with caterpillar - wisdom and reincarnation, eternity and patience.
  • Change the traditional lines and contours. Just add graphics to the center of the flower to get a unique design. Another variant is the depiction of petals in the form of flames, leaves or feathers.
  • Experimenting with shades. The use of different colors allows you to create bright pictures that cheer up and help to cope with difficulties. With the help of different shades, you can emphasize the beauty and gracefulness of the solar plant. Traditional yellow means life energy, red means passion and strong emotions, orange means enthusiasm and inspiration.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo

Sunflower tattoo is often the only one flower.

The alternative is a bouquet of flowers or a field of growing sunflowers. Other flora - roses and daisies, dandelions and irises - are combined with the sunflower. Depending on the choice of the adjacent plant, the values vary. The tattoo of sunflower with a rose symbolizes tenderness and nobility, with chamomile - openness and fidelity to family values, with dandelion - lightness and fleeting life, tenacity and fulfilment of dreams. If irises are present in design, tattoo means sincerity and spirituality.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
What design to choose

Sunflower tattoos differ in size, color, style of execution.

Large flowers with bright yellow and orange petals look spectacularly on the shoulder, forearm, chest and thigh. Miniature black and white images blend harmoniously with any style of clothing and fit any way of life.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose realistic or creative design. The image of sunflower is often used as the basis for creating complex compositions with Celtic patterns, phrases and graphics. A popular design option is a drawing located inside a circle that is formed by the flower petals. Trending ideas:

  • Miniature body images on the wrist or ankle.
  • Large flowers on the shoulder or back.
Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo

  • The heart whose outline is represented by the stalks and flowers of the sunflower.
  • The flower that encircles the snake points to intelligence and wisdom, strength and patience, renewal and transformation.
  • Design with a lion acquires additional meaning - means that you are a person who is capable of deep, warm feelings and at the same time is ready to protect your loved ones, protect their interests. Other values are courage combined with tenderness, grandeur and sweet simplicity, power and fragility.
  • The skull, placed in the center of the sunflower, symbolizes life and death, blossoming and withering, strength and weakness. The original plot is suitable for creative people who are looking for non-standard solutions.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo

Van Gogh design is a separate topic.

The genius Dutch artist had a special passion for yellow flowers, dedicated two cycles of paintings to sunflower. Van Gogh canvases are an inspiring source of inspiration for tattoo design.

To perform sunflower tattoos suitable any styles - Realism, Traditional, Blackwork, Minimalism, New School. The choice depends on your wishes and preferences. If you want to make a trendy tattoo, choose a Geometry style. These body images represent the balance and strong symmetry in your life. Minimalist storylines are suitable for all people regardless of social position, position, gender and age.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
The best places
for a sunflower tattoo

Elegant and attractive body designs are placed in any part of the body.

To show the magnificent image, apply it to prominent places - shoulders and hands, feet and ankles. If the tattoo is associated with personal feelings and experiences that you are not ready to share with others, choose the area of the chest, back and thighs.

Sunflower tattoo
Sunflower tattoo
Who chooses
this sketch?

Sunflower Tattoo is suitable for resilient, optimistic people who look to the future with confidence and enjoy every moment of life.

The sunflower tattoo carries a warm, positive message. The drawing is associated with sunlight, joy and good mood. With the help of tattoos share positive emotions, spread around the aura of good and well-being. The artistic image of the flower easily adapts to personal thoughts and feelings. Tattoo a sunflower to always carry a piece of the sun with you.

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