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Star tattoo: meaning, designs and styles

Star tattoo is a popular body image among people of any sex and age.

In the modern world, the meaning of tattoos goes beyond aesthetics. Body images help to show individuality and look fashionable. Symbolism is the other side of the medal. The attractiveness of the star tattoo sketch lies in the spectacular look and rich history. Personal interpretations make each story exclusive.

Star tattoo
Star tattoo
Star tattoo

Star tattoo meanings

Star tattoos vary in shape and design.

The star is a common symbol in various cultures (Roman, Greek, Celtic, Chinese), including Muslim and Jewish religions. Main meanings:

  • Luck and Prosperity.
  • Travel protection and force you to stay away from the trouble.
  • Guideline and establishing a life path.
  • High social status and recognition.
  • Reminder of loved ones who have already left.

Star tattoo sketch is chosen by people who want to decorate the body without attracting too much attention. The body painting acquires a special meaning and the idea that the owner puts in the plot.

Star tattoo
Star tattoo

Star tattoo designs ideas

Star tattoos vary in size, color range, styles and location.

The star may look bright and bold or elegant and refined. Common options:

  • Marine compass. It is often depicted in the form of a star with four long and four short rays. Design variants are three-dimensional or flat stars that are placed inside the circle of the body or are performed separately. Sailors used a device to navigate the high seas. The tattoo represents protection, choice of life path, hope and faith.
  • Shooting Star. It symbolizes good luck and fulfillment of wishes. People who choose to make this design hope for successful achievement of goals. Usually, this tattoo is connected with a dream and aspirations. Musicians make a tattoo to become famous and find fans. In this case, the design contains musical notes. A shooting star is a frequent element of Disney stories.
  • Pentagram. This type of a star can be located with one or two points up. It consists of intersecting lines. This is one of the most interesting designs associated with symbolism. The pentagram is part of a variety of subcultures, including the musical direction of death metal. The image represents the balance of forces of good and evil, magic, protection from any trouble. Another interpretation is the reflection of five elements: earth, air, water, fire and spirit.
  • Celtic Star. An image consists of organically interwoven geometric figures of different shapes - circles, triangles, ovals, ellipses. Celtic patterns symbolize infinity, magical power, versatility, and the variability of life. Variants of interpretation - relationship of processes of life, death and rebirth, unity of mind, body and spirit. More often performed by black ink.
  • The North Star. It means a path, symbolizes the way to a better life. Personifies a life reference point, loyalty to the views and beliefs. Another way of understanding is inspiration and hope.
  • The Star of David. The symbol of Judaism, represents steadfastness and pride for its beliefs. The six-pointed star symbolizes faith, inner harmony, peace of mind, tranquility, well-being and abundance.
  • Constellations. Clusters of stars look spectacular and bright in any style. Tattoos, supplemented by floral patterns, acquire softness and femininity.

Depending on the client’s wishes, the master can completely paint the star or apply only the outlines. The picture is supplemented by inscriptions, images of the heart, bee, moon, sun, butterfly, which expands the meaning.

Star tattoo
Star tattoo
Star tattoo

Different styles

Star tattoos come in different styles.

The body images made in the style of Watercolor or Neo-traditional look spectacular when the master uses bright colors in the creation of the story.

Popular Styles:

  • Tribal. Tattoos in this style look like a bizarre ornament composed of tightly painted black parts of various shapes. The design of a star in Tribal style represents a tribute to the past and historical heritage. The advantage of the solution is a wide space for personalization of the body image.
  • Minimalism. The little star hides a deep meaning. It symbolizes the desire for self-development, spiritual growth and achievement of goals. It is ideal for placement in the insignificant parts of the body - on the finger or back part of the neck. The tattoo is made in different colors.
  • Abstraction. The modern version is made with the help of thin lines. The body image is without clear outlines, which gives a cool look.
  • Graphics. Geometric design allows you to show the beauty of the star, make the drawing unique.

Star tattoos can be found in different parts of the body - on the arms and legs, back and chest. They look great as an independent body decoration and as part of large-scale compositions with a lot of elements and details.

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