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Spider tattoo

Spider and web tattoos are incredibly common, popular with men and women.

And members of the criminal world even use them as a kind of code, denoting criminal specialization or a place in the hierarchy. What are the meanings given to a tattoo with a spider? In what styles can they be made and on what part of the body should the spider tattoo be got?

Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo

What do spiders

Spider tattoos are not only insanely popular, but also extremely controversial because they are associated with a variety of interpretations.

The history of tattoos depicting a spider is very old, connected with different cultures, philosophical and religious teachings.

  • For ancient Egypt, the spider was the symbol of the goddess Ishtar, who was venerated as the patroness of the feminine, the creative energy and the mystery of birth.
  • Indian mythology made the spider a symbol of transcendental reality and associated it with one of the central deities, Shiva.
  • In the culture of ancient China, the spider should have been seen as a sign of prosperity, success and good luck.
  • In the culture of the European Middle Ages, images of the spider were invariably associated with the world of black magic, witchcraft: this arthropod was considered one of the symbols of the devil’s forces.

Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo

In criminal circles and the community of people adopting their culture, spider tattoos also have a huge amount of meaning.

For a long time, the tattoo of a spider could indicate drug addiction and symbolize the cult of consuming of psychotropic substance.

However, time has significantly changed the attitude towards spider body images in the art of tattooing. Today they are more often interpreted as a symbol of patience, hard work, caution and determination. However, sometimes spider tattoos take on the meaning of opposing the rule of law, violence and force.

Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo

Spider Tattoo and
different styles

Pictures of spiders and webs are incredibly diverse and very impressive.

And most importantly - such compositions open the widest space to create true masterpieces in a wide variety of styles. Here are some of the most interesting examples:

  1. Abstraction
    1. This style involves depicting a spider as a central element. Sometimes the tattoo is done with a patchwork of lines, sometimes with whole fragments. At the same time, the style is inherent logical completeness, capacitance and concise plot. Spider tattoos, made in an abstract style, are popular among women and men, often combined with realistic images. In this case, special attention is paid to the component parts of the plot, the shape of the web and the spider.
  2. Blackwork
    1. The style with such a interesting name offers particularly vivid and expressive images of arthropod, made in the form of a silhouette filled with black pigment or a well-defined contour without fine detail drawing. It is important to remember that the tattoo in the Blackwork style should not require grace and lightness: such tattoos in nature always tend to aggressive heaviness. The image of the spider has a central place.
  3. Graphics
    1. The medieval engraving, depicting a spider and other creatures, even darker, witchcraft symbols, will certainly be appreciated by mystic admirers. To achieve maximum realism and volume in the image of spiders and other objects, masters use a variety of different techniques - light, glare. The spider tattoo, made in the style of graphics - a huge variety of concepts in which the image of this mysterious animal can be given both the place of the central object on which the plot is built, and the role of an additional element. The tattoo often has skulls, crosses and, of course, webs.

Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo
  1. Minimalism
    1. This style is especially attractive to beginners, because it allows you to limit to a concise miniature image that can be applied to any place, as the most visible and easily hidden under clothing. The basic requirement for creating a tattoo in a minimalist manner is the clarity of lines and accuracy of proportions. Complex technical techniques are not used: the master does not seek realism, volume and is satisfied with a recognizable outline, often filled with black pigment.
  2. Neo-traditional
    1. Wishing to get a large-scale, colorful, impressive spider tattoo, it is worth turning to the Neo-traditional style, which is particularly generous for the use of a variety of artistic techniques, does not limit the master in the choice of color gamut and characteristic symbols. An image with a reference to the style of fantasy can be absolutely anything. In this case, the spider is often an additional element emphasizing the general idea of such a sketch. However, such an image in any case is executed with the utmost care, because the whole style of neo-traditional is based on maximum attention to the smallest details.
  3. New-School
    1. Would you like to add more cartoon brightness to the spider tattoo, make it in comic style? Take advantage of the artistic moves of the New-School style, which tends to create spectacular and vivid fantasy stories, attentive to the details. The image a priori must be large, which means you need to think on what part of the body it will look most spectacular.
Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo
Spider tattoo - where
to get it?

Spider tattoo is one of the most popular, it is often done by both men and women.

Such body images are really versatile, suitable for almost all areas of the body, which you decided to decorate stylish tattoo. Large-scale detailed sketches are suitable for tattooing on the shoulder or forearm, on calf or hip. Miniature expressive spider tattoos are often done on the wrist or hand, on the chest, on the neck, behind the ear.

Regardless of the style and the specific sketch, it is very important to choose the master and studio. A tattoo is a lifetime image whose removal or correction is associated with additional discomfort and costs. Carefully study the reviews of other customers and make sure that the master is proficient in the style you are interested in.

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