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Space tattoos: meaning,
designs and styles

The space theme is one of the most popular in body art.

Many people dream of becoming astronauts. However, the dream is realized only by a few. Others prefer to make a cosmic tattoo.

Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs

Space tattoo meaning

Usually, a space tattoo symbolizes personal success, the desire for exploration and new knowledge.

Astronauts explore outer space. Cosmic tattoo means a journey into the unknown, learning new experiences and achieving high goals. The main meanings:

  • Freedom and patriotism.
  • The quest for the stars.
  • Sense of danger.
  • Fantastic adventure.
  • Romantic feelings.
  • Research and knowledge.
  • Connection to space.
Space tattoo
Space tattoo

For some people, a space tattoo serves as an incentive to fulfill a dream or a reminder of important events in life.

In others, such a body painting is associated with exciting adventures. Common meanings - courage and ambition. Cosmic tattoos are made in honor of lovers to show how important a loved one is in life.

For many people the phrase «Aim for the stars» is associated with the desire to follow the dream. Space tattoos show that any dream is achievable, even if it seems fantastic and unreal. Cosmic tattoos are chosen by people who like thrills and need strong emotions.

Others choose cosmic tattoos inspired by a movie they have seen or read a book where the main characters are astronauts or conquerors of intergalactic space. The presence of the body image indicates the owner’s interest in the space theme.

Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs

Different designs

The space theme involves the availability of numerous design options, which allows you to find the perfect sketch for each situation.

By adding inscriptions and details, you can personalize the body image and make it unique. The cosmonaut’s tattoo can be large or small, stand alone or be part of a large composition - sleeves.

The sleeves are more commonly performed as constellations or planets that determine human destiny. The plot can be supplemented with other details that expand the meaning. Fashion design is perceived differently when viewed from different sides or from a different angle, making the illustration dynamic and lively. Another plus of the sleeves is the ability to constantly add new elements and diversify the plot. Such a drawing will never get tired and will not lose relevance.

Space tattoo
Space tattoo

Other design options:

  • Cosmonaut symbolizes the desire for perfection and conquering new peaks. Other meanings - romance and fantastic adventures.
  • An astronaut floating in outer space. It means dream, freedom and unlimited potential. The body image is often supplemented by stars and other cosmic elements.
  • The cosmonaut against the background of the universe reflects the immensity of the cosmos. Against the background of global phenomena, personal problems seem insignificant.
  • Cosmonaut with a butterfly. The tattoo compares fragility and gracefulness with strength, fearlessness and power.
  • Outer space. Means the infinity of the universe, the order of the universe and the interrelation of all phenomena.
  • The spaceship. It is a symbol of fearlessness and courage. It represents the desire for leadership and power.
  • The Parade of planets indicates a global change in life, harmony and interconnection of events. The parade of planets is a symbol of the incomprehensibility of the universe.
  • Stars and Galaxies embody the power over the energy of the cosmos, luck and the fulfillment of desires.
Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs

The meanings of the planets present in the body image complement the overall meaning.

So, Saturn means steadfastness, organization and ability to overcome obstacles, Venus - love and beauty, Mars - militancy, will to win, courage and ruthlessness to enemies. Space tattoos are associated with research and the desire to discover new things. They serve as a reminder of the connection to the universe and the need to live a full life.

Space tattoo
Space tattoo
Different styles

Space tattoos are performed in different styles.

Body images in the Realism style are characterized by photographic accuracy, consisting of many carefully designed elements. Images in the style of New School resemble shots from animated films, look bright and funny. Popular styles:

  • Geometry. Cosmic tattoos consisting of different geometric shapes - modern interpretation. Illustrations in the style of geometry differ in the original look, attract the attention of others.
  • Minimalism. Small images are easy to hide from prying eyes.
  • Watercolor. Colorful tattoos that resemble watercolor painting perfectly convey the atmosphere of the cosmos.
  • Blackwork. The image made by expressive black lines emphasizes the masculinity, endurance and audacity of the wearer.

Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs
Space tattoo designs

The location of the space tattoo is chosen taking into account the size of the image and the owner’s personal preferences.

The space theme is ideal for creating a sleeve. The back and chest are the ideal place to place a large-scale tattoo with plenty of details. Small tattoos are made on the shoulder, wrist, ankle, back palm or foot.

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