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Snake tattoo design

Snake tattoos are quite common in the modern world.

They enjoy unprecedented popularity, because they give their owner self-expression and a possibility to stand out from the crowd.

Such tattoos are created for women, men or youth. The first ones differ in smooth lines, understandable plots and colorful colors. The second most often have clear lines and angles, dark tones, and the nature of such tattoos has a more aggressive and brutal shade. It is universal for everyone. But it should be understood that the «universality» of tattoo determines the person. The choice of what and where to get, depends only on the client’s preferences. One of the most popular universal sketches is the image of a snake. Most often, the tattoo of a snake is treated as a symbol of the home hearth. But each culture has its own interpretation, which we will discussed below in more detail.

snake tattoo designs
snake tattoo designs
snake tattoo designs

What does a snake symbol
represent in different cultures?

Snake tattoos are quite popular, because have an interesting plot and a deep interpretation.

It is one of the most controversial images and in different cultures the snake can be a symbol of both life and death, both evil and good.

snake tattoo designs
snake tattoo designs

Snake in Ancient Egypt.

This is a symbol of wisdom (by the way, this is one of the classic interpretations). The Egyptians believed in a giant snake named Urobros, who was the creator of all the planets.

Snake in Ancient Greece.

A female symbol, the goddess of the Moon. This is where the myth of the healing god came from, who saw the snake being cured by another snake, which eventually gave us the modern symbol of medicine.

Snake in India.

Snakes were once the object of worship. In Hindus, snakes were associated with fertility and prophecy. There is also a belief in Buddhism that it was the cobra that isolated the Buddha from the withering rays of the sun with its hood, thereby protecting it.

Snakes in Mythology.

Here the main symbol of the snake is temptation. It has a feminine origin and came from the legend of the Garden of Eden, where Eve seduced Adam with an apple.

Snakes in Central Mexico.

For the Aztecs, snakes are the fertility god, who was also considered the master of weather conditions.

Snakes in Europe.

The Celts also often used the symbol of a snake. Celtic images are filled with snakes in the form of labyrinths and twisted entanglements.

snake tattoo designs
snake tattoo designs
snake tattoo designs

What is the spiritual
meaning of a snake?

As we have already mentioned, each culture has put its own meaning in this symbol.

Summing up, we can highlight a number of basic meanings that carry the image of the snake:

  • Feminine Nature;
  • Fertility;
  • Wisdom;
  • Temptation;
  • Protection.

This type of tattoo is quite popular among people born under this sign of the eastern horoscope. Often, such people are very wise and romantic.

snake tattoo designs
snake tattoo designs
Who wants
a snake tattoo?

This type of tattoo has gained unprecedented popularity among both women and men.

Different variations of the image of the snake can look great on the female body, giving it mysterious and sexy, and on the men, having a shade of strength and wisdom. Snake tattoos look great in any interpretation: in color and monochrome, with additional details and without them, in a realistic style and in a more fantastic. Everything depends on your preferences. Be creative and add to the sketch characters that have a special meaning for you.

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