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What does
a rose tattoo symbolize?

Making a rose tattoo is a popular way to decorate the body.

You may be surprised, but this tattoo type has a long history. In the Middle East, soldiers used to ink this flower to show their beloved ones that they were thinking of them while being far.

Nowadays, rose tattoos have many meanings and variations. Done by both women and men, such pictures can symbolize radically different things depending on their size, color, and shape.

In this article, we will consider peculiarities, variations, and the most popular meanings of rose tattoos. So, here we go!

rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design

Why is the Rose
tattoo design so popular?

The rose tattoos popularity is explained by the space for creativity it offers.

We can see various sketches and rose interpretations. It allows you to play with sizes, colors, tattoo locations, etc. What’s more, there are many celebrities that can boast of such a body decoration and motivate other people to follow their example:

  • Bella Hadid has a small rose on the back of the hand;
  • Lily Collins inked an English rose in honor of her British origin;
  • Justin Bieber has a rose tattoo on the neck.

And since we have mentioned just a few celebrities with rose tattoos, this flower is very popular for body decoration.

rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design

The most popular
rose tattoo locations

The greatest advantage of a rose tattoo is the fact that it may be done on any part of the body.

However, there are some locations where this flower looks particularly beautiful:

  • Rose tattoo on the wrist: rose tattoos at this part of the body can be done by men and women without much difference in sketch design. Tiny black and white roses in this location have already become a new trend;
  • Rose tattoo on the forearm: in most cases, people prefer to make large, and bolt rose tattoos on the forearm so that everyone can see this masterpiece at first glance. Despite large sizes, the tattoos usually look harmonious;
  • Rose tattoo on the hand: in most cases, people prefer to make large, and bolt rose tattoos on the hand so that everyone can see this masterpiece at first glance.
  • Rose tattoo on the neck: get inspired by Justin Bieber? Such a tattoo can add to your image and help you stand out from the crowd.

rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design

Rose tattoos meaning

People frequently see this flower, so everyone has different associations with roses.

As mentioned, it is impossible to find a universal meaning that can be implied to all rose tattoos. The size, color, stylistics, and additional elements can help the tattoo acquire the definition you want.

A traditional red or black rose is usually associated with love, passion, sensibility, and hope. For that reason, this flower is popular for making matching tattoos. At the same time, the rose image with a stem shows the willpower and firm character of the tattoo owner.

What’s more, it is believed that the rose color also influences its meaning:

  • Yellow is usually associated with friendship and happiness;
  • Blue is the sign of something unattainable;
  • Pink roses convey a romantic spirit;
  • White is traditionally viewed as a color of innocence and purity.

rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design
Rose tattoos for men

Initially, rose tattoos were made by men who dedicated these body decorations to their beloved ones.

But today, this flower may be inked not only in honor of love. To make their tattoo look more brutal, men usually add flower thorns, swords, and even skulls.

rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design
Rose tattoos for women

While men prefer large black rose tattoos, women tend to make tiny and elegant flower variations.

Red and pink roses without thorns are extremely popular. Women frequently make rose tattoos on hips, wrists, and collarbones.

rose tattoo design
rose tattoo design
rose tattoo ideas

If you want to decorate your body with the rose illustration in a creative way, we have some ideas!

  • Blue or purple rose tattoos – experiment with colors to make your body illustration more memorable;
  • Tiny rose tattoo – some people prefer to make many barely noticeable tattoos. In such a way they create a picturesque story of their life and feelings that can be read from the bodies;
  • White rose tattoo – a new trend in the tattoo industry that looks exceptionally stylish on tanned skin.

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