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Raven tattoo:
styles and meaning

Birds are a popular object of symbolism.

Birds differ in appearance and character, which determines different meaning when using the image in the body art sphere. A raven is a bird with smooth coal-black plumage and a thick beak, considered one of the wisest. For feathers usually have a bluish shade.

Raven tattoo design
Raven tattoo design
Raven tattoo design

Raven tattoo

The raven symbol is found in different cultures.

For some peoples the bird represented death and occult arts, for others it was a sign of luck and extraordinary abilities. Ravens learn easily, indicating intellectual potential.

Ravens have been regarded for centuries as harbingers of events or messengers of the Gods. They were credited with the ability to travel between worlds and to bring news from deceased ancestors. The healers sought the advice of the ravens in the process of preparing the medicines and healing the sick.

Raven tattoo
Raven tattoo

Ravens are mentioned in the Bible as positive characters.

According to legend, Noah was the first to send a raven in search of sushi during the Flood. Noah’s choice is related to the bird’s extraordinary mental abilities. The main meanings of raven tattoo:

  • Magic gift and power.
  • Wisdom and Intelligence.
  • The ability to foresee the future.
  • Observation and insight.
  • Transformation, improvement and reincarnation.
  • Adaptation to external conditions.
  • Ability to solve problems and find a way out of difficult situations.
  • The Desire for knowledge.
  • The cycle of life and death.
  • Protection and guidance.

Raven tattoo design
Raven tattoo design
Raven tattoo design

Raven tattoos are seen in many cultures as a talisman that repels evil spirits and indicates a way of life.

The image of the bird is associated with a mystery, creates a sense of an unknown and mysterious phenomenon. The raven tattoo shows the need to accept change and see positive things in any situation.

The meaning of raven tattoos depends on a personal interpretation. Each person puts a special meaning in the tattoo. To personalize the body image, a master may use additional inscriptions and elements.

Raven tattoo
Raven tattoo
Different variants
of design

Raven tattoos differ in style, color, placement and design.

Thanks to the variety of options, anyone will pick up a full-body tattoo to taste. Follow the inspiration and choose a sketch of a raven tattoo:

  • With the skull. The addition of the skull gives the image sharpness and makes it mystical. Design embodies the fleeting of life and the impermanence of being.
  • With a rose. Beautiful, elegant pattern will decorate the female body. Symbolizes the duality of life and death, the need to notice beauty in dark subjects.
  • With a key. The bird that holds the key in the beak or paw is a symbol of personal growth and the pursuit of knowledge. Tattoo is associated with the achievement of goals and new opportunities. Empowers the owner to reveal the innermost secrets of life.
  • With the moon. A mystical tattoo that indicates a connection between the kingdoms of the living and the dead. The body pattern represents intuition and supernatural forces that help to successfully follow the path of life.
  • With a feather. The meaning of the tattoo is freedom, spirituality and transformation. The addition of a feather enhances the symbolic value of the raven. Tattoo helps overcome difficulties and attracts luck.
  • A flying raven. Means authority and power, courage and audacity.

Three-legged (or tripedal) crow tattoos are common in East Asian countries. Traditionally, in China, a three-legged bird symbolizes sunrise and sunset. Often the body image has a sun or a circle. In Japan, it is a symbol of family values.

Raven tattoo design
Raven tattoo design
Raven tattoo design
Different styles

Raven tattoos are made in different styles depending on the client’s wishes.

In different interpretations, the picture of a bird may look dark or hilarious, realistic or bright. Popular styles for performing raven tattoos:

  • Traditional. The traditional bird looks spectacular and flashy due to the usage of a wide palette of colors. The body image is distinguished by bold black contours and dynamic. Usually, the crow is represented in an iconic pose.
  • Realism. The perfect solution for wildlife lovers. Tattoo resembles photography. The body image conveys the texture of the plumage and complex fine details. Often the background for the raven is natural scenery, which emphasizes the gracefulness and beauty of the bird.
  • Minimalism. Simple and clean lines form a miniature body image that will be an elegant addition to any image. Tattooing a mysterious bird will help create an atmosphere of mystery and unpredictability.
  • Graphics. The image, created by geometric shapes and forms, looks modern and stylish. Intricate patterns attract the attention of others and help to feel self-confidence.
  • Watercolor. Combinations of bright fresh colors and gentle watercolor strokes form a spectacular body image that gives a special charm to any image. Thanks to the artistic expression of the raven tattoo looks like a masterpiece.

Raven tattoos are made on different parts of the body. A particularly spectacular body image looks on the shoulder, where it is visible to all people around. The back and chest are perfect to have large-scale tattoos that occupy a large area of skin. Body images on the back and chest are easy to hide from prying eyes if desired. Ideal places for miniature tattoos - wrist, neck, forearm, ankle.

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