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Peony tattoo: beautiful and powerful sketch idea

Peonies, also known as roses without thorns, are wonderful flowers associated with tenderness, love, and devotion.

Could you imagine a more romantic and even intriguing tattoo idea? Apart from visual attractiveness, peonies hide deep meaning and symbolism.

In this article, we will consider everything you should know about getting a peony tattoo: popular meanings, sketch variety, tattoo locations, etc. So, let the trip begin!

Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo

Flower origin and connotations: peony tattoo meaning

The trend on peony pictures on a body isn’t new.

This tradition came from Japan, where this flower was treated as a sign of loyalty to your emperor or the head of the clan. In other Asian countries, peonies symbolized well-being, luck, and a happy marriage.

Some people assume that the peony is a solely feminine flower, but that’s not true. A couple of centuries ago in the East, peony tattoos were exclusively for men. Such sketches denoted the strength and power of their owners.

At the same time, women opt for peony tattoos because of the associations the flower provokes. They believe peony sketches can bring love and luck to their lives.

Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo

The best peony tattoo locations

Floral sketches usually look good at any part of the body.

However, while choosing the best placement, consider the sketch style, size, and meaning. If you want your peony tattoo to be a protective amulet, it is better to choose body areas that can be hidden with clothes.

So, let’s get acquainted with the most popular peony tattoo locations:

  • Forearm peony tattoo: This placement is equally good for men and women. In Ancient Greece, peonies on hands symbolized good health and longevity. This flower is also frequently used as an element of tattoo sleeves;
  • Back peony sketches: Want to get a large and extraordinary tattoo that symbolizes inner strength and power? Peony tattoos in graphics placed on the neck is a perfect option for men;
  • Thigh peony tattoo: Such a location is more popular among women, and that’s quite predictable. Floral sketches look especially charming and elegant on legs and are usually done for a visual reason;
  • Peony wrist tattoo: Tattoos at the lower part of the legs are believed to be powerful amulets. For women, such a peony tattoo location symbolizes eternal love and successful marriage;
  • Peony tattoo on a shoulder: Such a tattoo may serve as a source of additional confidence and self-love. Peony tattoos on shoulders are usually made by people seeking for inner footholds.

For admirers of small peony tattoos, we recommend considering such locations as the neck, wrists, and ribs. These options will look elegant and add to your image.

Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo

Looking for the best peony tattoo sketch

If you are still thinking about the most suitable peony illustration, view the catalog with sketches on our website.

To help you make a final decision, we defined popular tattoo variations due to their style.

  • Neo-traditional peony tattoo: This technique applies bright colors and highly stylized designs. The style combines the classic elements of traditional tattoos with modern techniques and aesthetics. Neo-traditional tattoos usually contain more details, shading, and texture than other tattoo techniques.
  • Old school tattoo with peonies: Created by sailors in the 19th century, this technique includes black colours and plain lines. The composition of old-school tattoos is usually very simple: it contains one key element or character, sometimes accompanied by secondary ones;
  • Realistic peony tattoo: This technique lies in drawing clear and accurate images that can be easily confused with a photo. Realistic peony tattoos in this style look really impressive.

Note that we have mentioned just some of the most popular options. You can choose any style you find appealing, or even combine them.

Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo: impressive sketch variety

As you know, peony tattoos may be seen on any part of the body.

Today, such an option is especially popular among women who want to emphasize their elegance and attractiveness. Tiny peony tattoos are usually done in a minimalistic manner in black or red colors.

Many women also like to make bright tattoo accents. For this purpose, they add additional sketch elements like diamonds or leaves. Inscriptions – another interesting idea for adding deeper meaning to your peony tattoo.

If you are not a fan of so sweet and cute tattoo sketches, think about combining peonies with animalistic elements. Floral tattoos with snakes and predators like wolves show the reserved but powerful nature of a person.

Male peony sketches may also include gun illustrations and sophisticated geometrics. Men usually opt for black-coloured floral ornaments of large sizes.

Moreover, you can often see peony tattoos depicted in a triangle. To understand what such a tattoo means, you need to understand the interpretation of such an image as a triangle. In all cultures, the triangle is interpreted from the point of view of religion and philosophy. It is believed to be a symbol of wisdom, spiritual strength, and unity of the feminine and masculine. The meanings of the triangle and the peony are very similar and mean wisdom in simplicity, chastity, morality and strength.

Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo
Peony tattoo
Drawing the line

A peony tattoo will become an eye-catching body decoration with deep meaning and even protective qualities.

Luckily, the variety of sketches with this plant is breathtaking, and everyone can find the best option in terms of tattoo style, size, and connotation. Don’t be afraid to experiment and follow your preferences, and then you will come up with an interesting peony tattoo idea.

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