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Paw tattoos:
meanings and designs

Paw tattoos are versatile in the context of the placement on the body.

They are placed on the back and chest, shoulders and firearms, legs and neck area. Paw tattoos can refer to the love of animals or the presence of character traits that are associated with certain quadrupeds.

A pawprint may be a good alternative to a full-size animal image. The owner gets all the animal tattoo values without having to spend a lot of time in the salon and occupy a large area of skin. Smaller prints look elegant and sleek compared to larger tattoos.

Paw tattoos
Paw tattoos
Paw tattoos

Different designs

Paw tattoos are large and small, black and white and colored.

Design depends on the personal preferences of the future owner. Depending on the type of animal whose paw is destined to show off on the body, the meaning of the body image differs:

  • The wolf’s paw symbolizes a spiritual bond with the predator, courage and determination, the ability to stand up for yourself and fight back enemies. The wolf is a symbolic animal mentioned in many cultures. In Indian mythology, a predator is considered a spiritual tracker, helps to unlock potential, know yourself and achieve goals.
  • The jaguar’s paw more often means qualities inherent in a nimble and brave animal. It is a symbol of fearlessness, strength and ruthlessness towards enemies. Other interpretations are beauty, grace, grace. Jaguar’s paw symbolizes power and dominance, inner cohesion and self-confidence. A tattoo with a jaguar mark can also mean a warning. The body print shows that the attacker is waiting for a decent fight.
  • The lion’s paw is associated with infinite power and leadership qualities. The footprint of the royal animal indicates the bravery and courage of the owner. Other values are protection and patronage, high social status and respect from others.

Paw tattoos
Paw tattoos

  • The paw of the black panther is one of the most popular designs due to the aesthetic appeal and special qualities of the animal. The predator runs at 80 km/h, leaving no chance for prey. The height of the jump reaches 6 meters. A panther’s paw tattoo is associated with agility, speed, invincibility, the ability to persevere to achieve the goal.
  • Tiger’s paw is a suitable option for self-tattooing or for filling the space of the sleeve. The main values are pride and greatness, strength and power, fearlessness and severity, balance and calm. Depicting a tiger’s paw can mean danger and loyalty to one’s instincts.
  • The paw is popular, which is due to symbolism and appearance. Bear paws are characterized by long, sharp claws associated with strength, power, and aggression.

The meaning of a paw print tattoo depends on the idea and concept that the owner puts. It can be an acknowledgement of one’s wild, primal instincts, or a desire to show a connection to nature.

Paw tattoos
Paw tattoos
Paw tattoos

Dog’s and cat’s
paws tattoos

Dog paw tattoo is a popular design, due to the large number of people who are genuinely attached to loyal and devoted animals.

An easy way to make a tattoo unique is to specify the pet’s name or date of birth next to the fingerprint. Quotations and inscriptions are often used to personalize native designs.

If the body image is made in honor of a dead dog, you can use the inscription «Forever in my heart». To show unlimited love for a pet, you can add a picture of a heart, star, or flower. Typically, pet foot tattoos are placed on the wrist or forearm to permanently see the image.

The dog is a friend of man. It is an indisputable axiom. The dog remains faithful to the owner, despite undeserved grievances and ill-treatment. It is no coincidence that many people love pets and are ready to make in their honor body drawings. The tattoo of a dog’s paw will take on profound meaning along with a quote:

«The dog has one goal in life - to give its heart». An alternative design is to place the body image of the pet inside the paw outline.

Paw tattoos
Paw tattoos

A cat’s paw tattoo is no less common type of body art, which is due to the important role that the animal plays in the lives of many people.

A cat’s paw is tattooed to show affection for a pet or to preserve its memory. To create a unique body image, you can take as a basis the real imprint of one or all four paws.

The designs vary greatly. The body image may consist of a series of paws that resemble a treadmill. The line of prints can go in different directions, such as down or up the forearm. Additions in the form of inscriptions and other objects will help personalize the tattoo and fill it with a special meaning. A paw tattoo is often done in the styles of Realism, Watercolor, Traditional, Neo Traditional, Minimalism, Blackwork.

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