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Panther tattoo: who likes these tattoos, designs and styles

Panther tattoo is one of the most popular types of body art.

Graceful and powerful animal attracts strength, plastic and nobility. Many people choose design to highlight traits associated with fearless and agile predators. Thanks to the incredible beauty of the wild cat, the tattoo will become a body decoration and draw attention to the merits of the figure. It is the ideal choice for muscular shoulders, embossed breasts, elastic thighs, thin waist or graceful neck.

The fierce and powerful animal becomes calm, soft, and affectionate when it comes to the care of her offspring. In this context, the tattoo panther means loyalty to family values, custody and protection, protection and love. The owner of the drawings shows that, despite the strength and courage, there is room in his heart for tender feelings.

Many people chose a wild cat tattoo under the impression of the superhero movie «Black Panther». The fascinating story has won millions of fans around the world. The desire for justice, the desire to do the right thing and not give up, despite the difficulties - the concept of film and body painting.

Panther tattoo
Panther tattoo
Panther tattoo

The predatory animal symbolizes the agile hunter who follows the prey relentlessly, leaving the victim no chance.

Tattoo Panther is a bold statement that inspires and motivates to wins and achievements. In South and North America, the wild cat is associated with nobility and religious rites. Mayan shamans decorated the body with animal fur to show a connection with the otherworld, show strength and ruthlessness.

In the USA, the popularity of native drawing in the 60s and 70s of the last century is largely connected with the left radical movement «Black Panther». The organization fought for the rights of African Americans.

Panther tattoo
Panther tattoo

Panther tattoo: designs

The panther tattoo suggests a variety of design options.

Due to the flexibility and plasticity of the predator, there are countless graceful poses that reflect readiness to jump, climb, attack or complacent mood. The plot is ideal for creating powerful body images with individual interpretation. Designs:

  • Crawling panther. Thanks to the skillful performance of the animal as if crawling on the skin of the owner of the tattoo. Focus on the claws embedded in the skin, and you get a pattern full of aggression and pressure.
  • Panther claws tearing the skin. A symbol of power and strength.
  • Head of the panther. Personifies a fearless warrior ready to confront enemies and life’s hardships.
  • Jungle. The picture of a panther perfectly combines natural habitat - jungle. The wild cat peering out of the leaves is an original and impressive plot.
  • Water. The predator in the water looks beautiful and natural. The combination of black and blue colors is a bright ensemble that attracts the looks of others.
Panther tattoo
Panther tattoo
Panther tattoo
  • Panther that is climbing up. The body image of a wild cat climbing up the slope reflects strength and self-confidence.
  • With a tiger. A full-body drawing of the two highest representatives of the cat family symbolizes the double energy of the fearless and indomitable fighters. Animals can compete in the plot by engaging in deadly combat. In this case, the tattoo reflects the inner struggle, the difficult choice, the need to make a decision.
  • With a dagger. Represents overcoming obstacles.
  • With a snake. Means combining the factors of life success - resourcefulness and wisdom, determination and perseverance, the ability to maintain self-control and action.
  • With a red rose. Symbolizes passion and tenderness, courage and mercy, strength and femininity. Saturated black and red colors perfectly complement each other.

Popular additional details for tattoo panther - plant leaves and vines, flowers and weapons. Soften the aggressive nature of the predator with elements in the form of flowers and plants. Make the plot brutal by depicting a panther with an open mouth. The animal that steals in soft steps becomes the embodiment of grace and plastics. The animation character is the choice of optimistic and cheerful people.

Panther tattoo
Panther tattoo

Tattoo panther: styles

The character of the body pattern depends largely on the style of execution.

Some panthers look aggressive and fierce, others look funny and good-natured. In the Traditional style, the body image is made in black colors. Experienced masters skillfully transfer the protruding animal muscles, shine and beauty of the glossy wool. The head of the panther looks good in the style of Traditional and Neo Traditional.

Panther tattoos in the New School style is a life-affirming, positive body image that helps to take your mind off everyday life and keep the love of life. The most popular New School character is the Pink Panther, the hero of a famous animated film.

The realistic image will inspire wildlife lovers. The works in the Realistic style look spectacular and impressive. Tattoos in the Tribal style are elegant addition to the fashionable look. Cool works can be also in the style of Fineline, Linework and Minimalism. Body images with one line turn into a stylish emblem on the body.

The Blackwork style body art is suitable for covering up old tattoos. This is an option for people who want to emphasize their athletic build, the ability to stand up for themselves and fight back enemies.

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