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A comprehensive guide
on a padlock tattoo

The padlock tattoos are extremely popular nowadays, especially among the admirers of the Old School style.

This technique is characterised by black colour, minimalistic shading, and clear outlines. But what do we know about padlock tattoos and their meanings? Let’s find it out below!

Padlock tattoo designs
Padlock tattoo designs
Padlock tattoo designs

Padlock tattoos:
the variety of meanings

The sketches with locks or padlocks have deep symbolic and metaphoric meanings.

Despite a relatively simple image, this symbol has several connotations.

Popular padlock tattoo meanings:

  1. Padlock sketch as a symbol of security
    1. Many people associate locks with home, peace and security. For that reason, tattoo admirers frequently choose padlock sketches as an amulet. They believe that such a tattoo will bring them good luck and protect them from envious people.
  2. Keeping a memory via a padlock tattoo
    1. A closed padlock tattoo may be done by reserved and shy people eager to keep themselves to themselves. Moreover, the padlock tattoos may also signify admiration or memory about someone or something important. That’s usually the thing that the tattoo owner keeps in heart but doesn’t want to share with strangers.
Padlock tattoo designs
Padlock tattoo designs
  1. The connection between padlock tattoos and love
    1. Apart from tattoos, padlocks can be seen on bridges and world-known sightseeing sites. Pairs frequently hang locks and throw away the keys from them as a symbol of sincere and eternal love. No wonder, padlock sketches are the most popular for matching tattoos. Bellowed ones can get the same padlock tattoos or use a lock key for the second tattoo.
  2. Padlock sketches and health
    1. In Chinese philosophy, a padlock is associated with mental health. It is believed that such a body pattern is able to retain all the negative emotions of its owner, preventing the person from bad luck. The owner of the tattoo gets the opportunity to maintain peace of mind, inner balance, and harmony.
Padlock tattoo designs
Padlock tattoo designs
Padlock tattoo designs

How to make a traditional
padlock tattoo look special?

A padlock is a self-sufficient tattoo element.

However, you can make your sketch look special by combining the lock with various symbols. Note that additional elements can change the meaning of the whole tattoo.

  • A padlock heart tattoo: Such sketches are especially popular among women and usually symbolise love, purity, and devotion. Sometimes the padlocks are done in the form of a real human heart and a key nearby;
  • A padlock sketch with wings: This option is usually chosen by people who want to emphasise their uniqueness. A padlock with wings may be associated with wisdom and lust for freedom;
  • A padlock tattoo design with curves: Padlocks with exceptional swirls and interesting geometrical elements are usually chosen by people with rich inner worlds. At the same time, the owners of such tattoos may be reserved and modest;
  • A small padlock tattoo: If you prefer minimalistic tattoos, a tiny padlock sketch will be a great option for you. Such a tattoo looks attractive on any part of the body and doesn’t attract too much attention.

Apart from playing with elements, you can experiment with tattoo styles. For padlock designs you can choose old school, realism, linework etc.

Padlock tattoo designs
Padlock tattoo designs
Drawing the line

A padlock tattoo design will be a good option for men and women.

Such sketches have deep meaning and may combine various elements. All these things allow tattoo admirers to make up creative and unique tattoos.

Since padlock is a relatively small element, most people prefer to get tattoos on specific parts of the body. Among the most popular options are shoulders, neck, wrists, and hands. Some people also use padlocks as an element of large and sophisticated tattoos with numerous elements. Moreover, you can get a padlock tattoo anywhere you want.

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