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Owl’s tattoos

Owl tattoo is not just a body decoration, but a symbol of deep meaning.

It expresses individuality and the inner world by showing wisdom, intelligence and intuition. These birds symbolize the secrets of the night, the strategy, and the ability to see through the darkness and the possession of secret knowledge. This body image can be a source of inspiration.

Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos

What do owls symbolize in different cultures?

  • In Japanese culture, an owl known as «fukurou» or «muhle» is considered a symbol of happiness, wisdom and good fortune. It is associated with the night, but unlike the Western tradition, it is perceived as a favorable sign.
  • It represents magic, mystery and protection to the Indians of North America. It is considered a spiritual guide with the ability to predict events and guard against danger.
  • In Greek mythology, the bird is closely related to the goddess of wisdom and war of Athena. Its presence on the tattoos symbolizes intelligence, wisdom and discretion.
  • Roman culture associates it with a harbinger of misfortune or death. Its depiction on tattoos is a warning or a sign of protection from evil forces.
  • In ancient Egypt it is a symbol of death and resurrection. Its depiction is the embodiment of the transition from one life to another, as well as the ability to see hidden worlds.

The variety of interpretations of owl symbolism in different cultures makes the tattoo quite universal, but at the same time, it filled with a deep meaning reflecting the richness of cultural diversity.

Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos

Why do people get owl tattoo?

  • Symbolists. People who are fascinated by secret symbols and mythology choose the owl tattoo as an expression of their interest in thinking about wisdom or commitment to intellectual growth. It’s a way to reflect the inner world and personal values.
  • Those who appreciate riddles. People who are interested in the mysteries of the night choose the owl tattoo as a symbol of their desire to explore uncharted areas of life.
  • People who have experienced personal transformations. Those who have experienced difficult periods in life, choose the owl tattoo as a symbol of transition from the old to the new, as well as the wisdom of the gained experience.
  • Animal lover. People who are passionate about animal life and nature choose owl as an object for tattoo due to its beauty, mystical appeal and interesting appearance.
  • People seeking protection. Those seeking support choose the owl as a symbol of magic, intuition and the ability to see through darkness. This is perceived as a protection from adversity.

Choosing an owl tattoo can be very personal and reflect different aspects of a person’s personality, interests and beliefs.

Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos

Popular owl tattoo ideas

  1. Realistic images.
    1. Such tattoos demonstrate stunning detail, including feathers and bird eyes.
  2. Geometric patterns.
    1. They combined with the image of owls give the tattoo a unique look.
  3. Tattoos in the style of New-school.
    1. Bright abstract images look spectacular and memorable.
  4. Minimalism.
    1. Some people prefer simple tattoos. The body image includes a black and white silhouette of bird with a minimum of detail, which is also quite expressive.

Different styles of owl tattoos can be combined. They are equally popular with both men and women.

Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos
Best places for the owl tattoo

  • Shoulder and hand. These places are often chosen because of their visibility. Tattoo with an owl on your shoulder or hand easily attracts attention.
  • Chest, hip and back. Larger or more detailed images are perfect for these body parts. They provide more space for more complex designs, allowing the tattoo to reveal additional details.
  • Ankle and wrist. For these areas choose small body images. Because they’re small, they’re less visible, especially if you want to keep the tattoo a secret.

The choice of an owl tattoo site may depend on individual preferences, lifestyle and desired degree of visibility.

Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos
Popular owl tattoo ideas for women

Women often prefer delicate body images of owls.

Such designs include soft contours, graceful feathers and details, creating a gentle and feminine look. The owl can be combined with floral patterns or decorations, which gives the tattoo a more romantic look.

Flowers around the wise bird or against its background add femininity and beauty. And for those who prefer simpler and more discrete body images, minimalist sketches of an owl tattoo are a great choice. This allows you to express the symbolism while preserving the tenderness and elegance of the design.

A tattoo with owl for women is not only a beautiful body decoration, but also a symbol of intelligence, wisdom and femininity.

Owl’s tattoos
Owl’s tattoos
Popular owl tattoo ideas for men

Men are interested in tattoos with more massive or realistic body images of owls.

Technical details or geometric patterns may be added to give a more masculine and stronger look. And bright abstract owl tattoos in the new school style are interesting for men who want to stand out. They include unexpected color scales, patterns and geometric elements.

Trash polka style body images combine dark and scary elements with bright colors, creating a unique and memorable tattoo. Sketches of owl tattoos for men focus on a stronger and more powerful visual impact, highlighting the symbolism of wisdom and strength.

Owl tattoo is a symbol of personal beliefs and qualities. It offers a wide range of styles and interpretations, making it universal regardless of age and gender, but at the same time individual for each person.

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