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Number tattoos: the reflection of individuality with the help of numbers

Numbers are an integral part of our daily lives.

They surround us everywhere: calendars, phone numbers, watches and smartphone screens, price tags, etc. Numbers exist from the moment a person starts counting.

Tattoo art is a reflection of the real world and a certain way of fixing it on the body. Numbers were no exception. Each figure carries its own history and meaning, hidden behind the thin contours of the tattoo.

Number tattoos
Number tattoos

Ideas, designs and meanings

The most common designs for number tattoos are:

  • Mathematical formulas. Such tattoos can symbolize the value of intelligence for their owners, or their devotion to the exact sciences.
  • Symbolic numbers. For example, the number 7 is often associated with happiness or luck, 8 with success, and 13 on the contrary with trouble etc.
  • Binary code (set 1 and 0) that can hide a specific number, word or an entire phrase.
  • Roman numerals. Can show year, name or symbolic number. Some masters are able to beat even whole phrases.
  • Clock face or only its hands. This body image emphasizes the importance of time and reminds of the value of every moment of life.

Depending on the region and cultural environment, the meaning of the numbers shown on the body can vary greatly. For example, in the western culture the number 4 is considered lucky. While in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China - on the contrary. And it is perceived in these countries quite hostile. Moreover, in Japanese and Korean, the word "death" is phonetically close to the word for the number 4. Therefore, the choice of symbolic numbers as a tattoo should be approached carefully, having become acquainted with all possible cultural interpretations.

Number tattoos
Number tattoos
Number tattoos

Significant dates

Date tattoos are quite common.

After all, this is a great way to honor the certain period of your life. And it can be both joyful and painful events, moments of important experiences.

Examples of tattoos with dates of positive events:

  • Birthday of the child. A symbol of the joy of fatherhood/motherhood.
  • The date of the wedding is a true manifestation of love and a gesture of serious intentions.
  • The day of the end of complex treatment or recovery from illness or injury.
  • Tattoo with the date of receiving your diploma. It shows your efforts and achievements in education.
  • The date of the first meeting, a date with a beloved one or the beginning of a relationship. A symbol of boundless love and romance.

Examples of tattoos with dates of difficult moments of life:

  • The day of the loss of a beloved one or a close one. The tattoo will serve as a memory of bereavement. It is also a manifestation of respect.
  • Date of divorce. Quite specific and expressive tattoo. However, it can serve as a symbol of the end of one stage and the beginning of a new one.
  • Date of an important historical event.
Number tattoos
Number tattoos


Apply coordinates (longitude and latitude) - the original version of the usage of numbers in the tattoo.

This is a great way to keep specific points on the map that have symbolic, sentimental or other value.

Number tattoos
Number tattoos
Number tattoos
Chinese numerals

In Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese, three written numeral systems are used.

The first is Arabic, which is introduced worldwide. The other two are indigenous systems. They represent numbers in the form of 9 Chinese characters denoting numbers in colloquial speech. These characters have a unique design and interesting elements.

Number tattoos
Number tattoos
Maya numerals

The Aztecs and the Maya tribes were followers of tribal body art. In the Maya culture, tattoos were used for protection.

They differed depending on the tribe and gods worshiped by men.

The ancient people of Maya had their own number system. It is a base-20 mathematical system, which is different from the usual decimal. Maya numbers are based on a combination of numbers 20 and 5.

Mayan numbers are based on three elements: zero (turtle image), one (•) and five (-). A combination of these elements is used to indicate numbers.

Examples of depicting numbers according to the Maya system:

  • The number 1 can be denoted by one dot: •.
  • The number 4 is represented by four points: • • • •.
  • The number 7 is represented by a verticle line and two dots: | • • (5 + 2 = 7).
  • The number 11 consists of two verticle lines and one point: | | • (5 + 5 + 1 = 11).
  • And so on.

Using this number system, you can originally encrypt sign numbers, dates, or even the coordinates mentioned above. In addition, tattoos with Maya numbers look original and mysterious. At the same time, they refer to the history and wisdom of ancient civilizations.

Number tattoos reveal the possibilities of creative expression and manifestation of individuality. They embody a variety of ideas and often carry a deep personal meaning. The numbers on the body can contain many meanings. You are limited only by your imagination.

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