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Naruto Tattoo Designs Ideas

Naruto is not only a popular manga and anime, but also a real cultural phenomenon that has won the hearts of millions.

This story inspires people from all over the world. In particular, it inspires to create interesting and diverse tattoos that are found every year in body art more and more often.

The plot tells about the adventures of a little boy Naruto Uzumaki, who dreams of becoming Hokage, the leader of his village. Nevertheless, the hero was born with a tailed demon-fox sharpened inside. This made him an outcast, because in the eyes of the local Naruto - a real monster.

This is a story about friendship, love, respect, tireless work, struggle for dreams and victory at any cost. And therefore, tattoos on this anime have not only aesthetic value, but also a certain symbolism. Consider a few interesting ideas for sketches.

Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo

Favorite characters

Naruto fans often put tattoos on their bodies with the image of their favorite characters.

Anime contains many interesting, temperamental and original characters rooted in the hearts and minds of fans.

As a tattoo, they mainly choose:

  • The main hero - Naruto.
  • Payne.
  • Sakuru.
  • Shikamaro.
  • Gaaru.
  • Ten-Ten.
  • Sasuke.
  • Teacher Kakashi or Yamato.
  • Neji.
  • Orochimaru
  • Deidar, etc.

Each and every one of them has unique abilities. Tattoos with characters depict certain features associated with a particular iconic figure of history.

Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
  1. Naruto in sage mode.
    1. One of the most powerful techniques that the main character has mastered is the sage mode. He allows Naruto to use the energy of nature, strengthens his own abilities and gives them great strength. As a tattoo, you can depict the process of transformation of Naruto (the sage mode) with characteristic frog features. Such body art will symbolize love and respect for nature, affection for frogs and self-control.
  2. Kiba and Akamaru.
    1. Members of the Inuzuka clan are known for their companion dogs that accompany ninjas throughout their lives. Kiba Inuzuka, a former classmate of Naruto, has a four-legged partner named Akamaru. Kiba and Akamaru are inseparable. When a guy uses abilities, his faithful dog acts as a continuation of a warrior in battle. Tattoos with these heroes symbolize love for four-legged, the value of friendship and devotion. If you like tattoos with animals, you can make a sketch exclusively with Akamara. In this case, it will be less recognizable, but no less interesting.
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
  1. Symbol of Akatsuki.
    1. Akatsuki's criminal organization is presented as one of the antagonists of the Naruto series. Once it was a group of ninjas who sought to get rid of worldly problems. But the members of the organization changed, and with them the values of the organization itself changed. Over time, Akatsuki completely switched to the dark side. The symbol of the organization is a red cloud, which symbolizes the bloody rain that fell on Amegakure. Dark crimson cloud is quite common in popular culture. It is often found on clothes, various accessories, equipment, etc. This symbol will look great in the form of a tattoo.
  2. The Cursed Seal of Heaven.
    1. At the end of the first season, during exams, the disguised antagonist Orochimaru bites Sasuke, one of the main characters, by the neck. With these actions, he imposes a cursed seal on the young ninja, which influenced the character of Sasuke for most of the show. A tattoo with this image, located on the neck or other part of the body, symbolizes tremendous strength and responsibility for it. The picture of the seal on the body seems to say that any abilities, especially such powerful ones as Sasuke's, have an appropriate price.
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
  1. Kunai and headband.
    1. If you want to portray the main character, only hinted at him, then kunai and headband are the best choice for this. The accessory worn on the forehead performs a protective function and depicts belonging to the village. Naruto wears a bandage of the Hidden Leaf Village, and therefore the sketch should be with the corresponding emblem. Compact and elegant kunai is also a special symbol for Naruto, as it is a weapon that he usually uses in battle. Such a tattoo can also refer to other heroes of the series. To do this, experiment with symbols, images and weapons.
  2. The Surikens.
    1. Another recognizable image from Naruto is the shuriken. This is one of the most common types of weapons, presented in the form of metal stars with four sharp ends. Shurikens are designed for throwing. And although they can also be used for close combat, it is usually not very effective. Tattoos with shurikens look great on any part of the body. They are easily scalable and can become part of a larger composition. Also, thematic scrolls from jutsu or other accessories will fit them.
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo

Anbu is an elite organization consisting of experienced and deadly fighters.

Its members act as secret agents on behalf of the heads of their village and often act as protection for it, or reinforcement of security forces during battle. Members of this organization were such popular heroes as:

  • Yamato.
  • Kakashi.
  • Itachi Uchikha.
  • Zabuza.
  • Yashamaru.

The organization symbol is great for creating a sketch. It looks like an elongated elegant spiral. Usually members of the Anbu put a tattoo on the shoulders or wrists, but it will perfectly fit on other parts of the body.

Naruto Tattoo
Naruto Tattoo
Naruto's seal on the abdomen

As mentioned above, Naruto's body is a kind of cage for the tailed demon-fox.

And to keep him, a special seal was applied to the hero's abdomen at birth. It is an amulet and allows you to keep control of the inner aggressive beast. The seal is made in the form of a spiral - a metaphor for the movement of energy in the body, as well as the struggle with their own demons.

The seal is a good idea for a tattoo that suits the most loyal fans. But before you repeat this drawing in the abdomen, there is one thing you need to know about. The main problem is pain, because this part of the body is quite sensitive, especially when applying a large and detailed composition. However, having weighed the pros and cons and withstood the pain, you will get an incredible result.

Each sketch based on Naruto anime or manga is a small but memorable fragment of a great story that inspires millions of fans and is reflected on the body. Tattoos remind us that real power is always inside, and the main allies are always friends.

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