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Music tattoos:
meaning, design and styles

Music creates atmosphere and pleasure.

Millions of people use the language of music to express feelings, emotions and thoughts. The easiest way to demonstrate your love of music is to get a music tattoo. The language of music is understood by everyone regardless of age and nationality. Music unites representatives of different cultures and religions. Many people cannot live a day without music, which is reflected in the body art. Violin keys, notes, guitars and other musical instruments are popular tattoos.

Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design

Music tattoos
and their meaning

The meaning of music tattoos is mainly associated with the love of music in general, to certain directions, musicians or groups.

Fans often fill up the names of individual musicians and musical groups to emphasize their admiration for the artists. Popular inscriptions: «I love rock and roll», «Music forever», «Music is my life», «Sex, drugs, rock and roll».

Music tattoos
Music tattoos

Meaning of music tattoos:

  • Tapes for the tape recorder. The retro image is a reference to the 60s and 90s of the last century, when music devices with cassettes were listening to music.
  • The drum symbolizes the heartbeat, the connection between the worlds of the living and the dead. Drums are often used for different rituals, which gives the body image a meaning of mystique and mystery.
  • Bass guitar. Indicates a romantic nature and a desire for freedom. It symbolizes creativity and a desire to succeed.
  • Gramophone. An ancient record player means a tribute to the past and a loyalty to tradition. It is a symbol of the immutability of eternal values.
  • Microphone. The ideal choice for fans of singing. The body image also symbolizes the struggle for their rights and the ability to defend their own interests.

Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design

  • Notes. It is a common choice of music players. It may reflect random selection or point to specific composition.
  • The keys of the piano. Alternating black and white keys represent the variability of life, in which ups are replaced by falls.
  • Violin key. It is a symbol of creativity and musical art. Because of the complex configuration, it is often associated with the ambiguous, deep nature of the person, for whom there is a delicate spiritual organization. The violin key also symbolizes the universality of the musical language, which is understood by everyone.
  • Play buttons. In modern interpretation, music playback buttons on iPod and iPhone devices signify self-control and organization.

Musical body images reflect an emotional connection to the songs. Such tattoos remain relevant beyond time. If you want to make a tattoo that will look modern after 50 years or more, choose one of the design options.

Music tattoos
Music tattoos
Types of
music tattoos sketches

Music tattoos differ in color, style, size and location.

Each owner of the body image puts a special meaning. The Master finds optimal ways to implement the idea. Variants of music tattoo sketches:

  • The upside-down violin key next to the guitar together form a heart. The body image symbolizes a passion for music.
  • Guitar with wings. Symbol of a cheerful, restful nature. The owner of the tattoo demonstrates optimism and easy attitude to life, he or she can overcome obstacles with a smile and not dwell on failures.
  • Dynamics. Such option is great for fans of hip-hop, braking and other street musical directions.
  • Electric guitar surrounded by flames indicates a preference for sophisticated heavy metal music.
Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design

  • Notes with stars mean success in a musical career or desire to become a popular performer.
  • A singing bird with notes flying out of its beak. It symbolizes the beautiful singing for which many birds are famous. The raven lacks a beautiful voice and the ability to sing, and when combined with notes, it means a message.
  • Notes in combination with the heart. Literal meaning: «Music in my heart».

Designs with notes are varied, allowing you to choose any subject with a personal idea. Notes with butterflies and flowers look charming and gentle. In combination with the inscriptions, they take on a special meaning.

Music tattoos
Music tattoos
Different styles

All styles are suitable for making music tattoos.

The choice depends on the idea that the future owner puts into the body image, and personal preferences. Music tattoos in classic styles - Traditional, Neo Traditional, New School, look bright and spectacular. Tattoos are created using a wide color palette, so that the body images are expressive and artistic. Three-dimensional images in 3D format do not inferior in the expression. Other popular styles:

  • Watercolor. Paint drops and brush strokes make the tattoo similar to the artist’s painting.
  • Minimalism. Concise images fit in harmoniously with any image. Made with fine, precise lines of drawings look elegant and stylish.
  • Blackwork. Black and white body images look brutal and aggressive, emphasize the temperament of the wearer and the ability to stand up for themselves.
  • Realism. Creating realistic musical instruments is not an easy task. To perform this work will have to find a good master and spend a lot of time in the salon. The result will not be disappointing - a drawing that conveys details, strokes, the play of shadows will become a decoration of the body.

Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design
Music tattoos design

Music tattoos are made in different parts of the body.

Usually, the choice depends on the personal preferences of the future owner and the size of the tattoo. Miniature tattoos are often made on the shoulder, neck, ankle, back palm. Chest and back are a suitable place for large body images.

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