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Moon Tattoos: meaning, types of design and styles

Moon tattoo is a top option that many people choose for its aesthetic appeal and symbolism.

The moon is magical, fascinating and admirable. According to some ancient beliefs, it provokes the chancing and transformation of humans into werewolves. The moon is associated with witches and other beings with supernatural powers. Numerous legends and myths are associated with the heavenly light. In the past, people worshiped the moon as a goddess.

Moon Tattoos
Moon Tattoos
Moon Tattoos

Moon tattoo and its meaning

Moon tattoos differ in meanings due to the numerous variations.

The celestial body is depicted in full round form or as a crescent moon. Each person who chooses a moon tattoo sketch, puts in the drawing its own meaning. The main meanings:

  • Mystery and secrecy.
  • Magical protection.
  • Luck and prosperity.
  • Life cycle and renovation.
  • Life changes.
  • The desire to rely on one’s own intuition and instincts.
  • Inner potential and aspiration for spiritual growth.
  • Secret knowledge and wisdom.
  • Womanhood and fertility.

In Japanese, New Zealand, American, and African culture, the moon is associated with masculinity and physical strength. Additional tattoo elements give a special meaning. In combination with the sun, the moon symbolizes the masculine and feminine origins of Yin and Yang. In combination with several stars - love and spiritual connection with the lover. If there is one star in the design, the Muslim symbol is given. Moon tattoos are often chosen by sensitive people who are in search of truth, interested in mysticism and like loneliness.

Moon Tattoos
Moon Tattoos

Moon tattoo designs ideas

In most world cultures, the moon is identified with magical power and influence.

Moon tattoos vary in size, location, style and color. Design options:

  • Crescent. It means duality of character and change, due to constant changes of moon. The shape of the moon is constantly changing, which is associated with dynamics and renewal. Other meanings - strength and resilience, the ability to overcome obstacles.
  • Combined with the stars. One way to understand is family with children. Other meanings are femininity and purity, hope and moving forward.
  • In combination with one star. It means heavenly force and knowledge, aspiration for light.
  • With a wolf. Indicates leadership qualities and the desire for power.
  • With a rose. It symbolizes creativity, positive energy, hope and the pursuit of high goals.
  • With the lotus. The lotus is a spiritual symbol that is associated with inner purity. In combination with the moon, it means rebirth and connection with higher forces.
  • Full moon. It symbolizes calmness and power.
  • Lunar eclipse. It means hidden forces, rejection of stereotypes and control of the energy of the celestial light.
  • With water. It symbolizes purification and spiritual revival.
  • With a lion. The king of all animals is a magnificent and noble predator. Such a combination is associated with strength, self-confidence, courage, ruthlessness towards enemies, protection and patronage.
  • Mandala. It is a symbol in Buddhism, which means enlightenment and intelligence, abundance and prosperity.
  • With a cat. The charm that protects against evil forces and adversity represents dexterity, mystery, willfulness and defiance.

The tattoo of the moon with a fairy symbolizes mystery and power, the desire to master magic skills and influence people’s lives. The lily emphasizes the beauty and shows certain uniqueness of the celestial body.

Moon Tattoos
Moon Tattoos
Moon Tattoos

Different styles

Moon tattoos come in different styles.

The choice of design depends on the personal preferences of the client and the idea to be implemented in the body image. Well-known styles:

  • Tribal. The image symbolizes a tribute to tradition, respect for the laws of nature and the past.
  • Watercolor. The tattoo looks like a painting of the artist, decorates the body and carries an additional meaning - balance and self-confidence, unity with nature.
  • Tradition. It is distinguished by the usage of bright colors, which makes the tattoo spectacular and catchy. The body image attracts the attention of others and contributes to the removal of negative energy.
  • Graphics. The image, made with the help of geometric shapes, looks modern and stylish. Thanks to the usage of shapes - circles, squares, triangles, tattoo acquires additional meaning. It is about stability, infinity, power and wisdom.
  • Realism. Tattoo in this style conveys the beauty of nature and is distinguished by aesthetics.

The master will help you to choose the optimal location for the moon tattoo. The image is applied to any parts of the body - arms and legs, shoulders and wrists, ankles and neck, back and chest, the area between the shoulder blades. The reasons for choosing a moon tattoo are an opportunity to acquire aesthetic decoration and to show individuality. The image of a celestial body attracts luck and helps to achieve goals.

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