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Lotus tattoo design

Lotus is one of the amazing and vivid images in Eastern culture.

It is endowed with a profound, multidimensional sacral meaning in the various religions of India, Japan, China and many other Asian countries. The incredible grace and tenderness of the flower inspire poets and artists. In modern culture, lotus tattoos are very popular, used in female and male tattoos.

lotus flower tattoo designs
lotus flower tattoo designs
lotus flower tattoo designs

Interpretation of lotus
in the spiritual cults of Asia

The image of the lotus is found in religious texts of known religious movements and spiritual Eastern practices.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus is recognized as a symbol of spiritual awakening, an indomitable pursuit of moral and spiritual growth. The allegory is a lotus sprout that grows among the stinking swamp, punching its way through the mud and opening soft petals towards the rays of the sun. Tradition associates the flower of the beautiful lotus, bringing light of joy and hope with the mystery of the birth of the Great Buddha.

It is no coincidence that Buddhist monks immersed themselves in a meditative trance, taking the lotus pose and focusing their thoughts on a beautiful flower. In Buddhism, he embodies the victory of good and light over the forces of darkness, embodies the union of opposites, symbolizes the all-conquering power of love. In Taoism, the lotus is sometimes used as a symbol of the cosmic wheel of life, as well as the purity of heart and mind.

lotus flower tattoo designs
lotus flower tattoo designs

What does the lotus
flower mean in different cultures?

Here are some particularly great examples of the usage of the lotus symbol across Asia:

⦁ India. In the esoteric teachings spread in this country, the lotus is a symbol of feminine, fertility. The image of the lotus in the Indian tradition resembles a cup. In Tibet, the lotus was considered the keeper of unknown mysteries.

⦁ Egypt. The image of the lotus here was interpreted as a sign of «fire of intelligence», and was also used as an emblem of the Upper Nile. In addition, the lotus gained the title of a symbol of eternal life. That is why it was often depicted alongside Egyptian deities.

⦁ Among the Phoenicians, Hittites, and Assyrians, the lotus symbol was taken as a sign of rebirth.

⦁ China. Here the lotus is among the eight treasures and belongs to the favorable signs.

⦁ In the culture of ancient Greece, the lotus was closely associated with the image of Aphrodite, personifying love and beauty.

⦁ In Japan’s symbolism, the lotus serves to denote chastity and virginity.

⦁ The Mayan Indians linked the lotus to the earth, and the Iranian people saw it as the embodiment of solar energy.

lotus flower tattoo designs
lotus flower tattoo designs
lotus flower tattoo designs

Lotus symbol
in tattoo art

In tattoo culture, a lotus image is given a certain meaning depending on the shade:

⦁ white - indicates the aspiration of spiritual perfection;

⦁ pink - calls for divine patronage;

⦁ red - is a symbol of a relentless passion, love, sincerity;

⦁ blue - gives many knowledge and wisdom.

lotus flower tattoo designs
lotus flower tattoo designs

Lotus can be very effectively used in tattoos for women and men, but to do it is recommended in different ways:

⦁ For men - as a complement to the basic image. In this case, it can mean ambition, versatility of nature.

⦁ For women, the lotus can be used as a central image of the tattoo, meaning resilience, chastity, strength, as well as - femininity, tenderness, fertility.

The lotus can be made anywhere on the body. At the same time, the lotus tattoo always looks very attractive and effective, it will invariably attract the eyes of others.

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