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Lion tattoo designs

The lion tattoo carries a certain message.

It is a tattoo talisman that gives strength, but at the same time requires it in return. If you choose a lion tattoo sketch, then know that you will have to be brave and wise, volitional and enterprising, proud and strong. The lion is a force, he will not tolerate weakness and base acts. For the most part, lion tattoos are preferred by men, but also by women, they tattoo lionesses with young, a whole lion family.

lion tattoo designs
lion tattoo designs
lion tattoo designs

Historical facts
about lion tattoos

Since ancient times, the lion tattoo has not lost its relevance.

In different countries they were interpreted in their own way, but there was always an understanding that it was a king of beasts, and therefore of courage.

So, the ancient Romans thought that a lion tattoo could circumvent death, multiply their manhood. Ancient Greek mythology is replete with tales of lions drawn into a chariot, following the goddess Artemis. For the Egyptians, the lioness was associated with the image of the punisher, and the lion was the guardian, the defender.

In Islam, the image of the lion is about protection. In Israel, the lion is perceived as a charm. For Buddhists, the lion is a respect for law, order and power. The Chinese appreciate powerful lion energy, use lion tattoos to enhance masculinity.

lion tattoo designs
lion tattoo designs

Lion tattoo
in astrology

The lion is one of the 12 zodiacal signs.

If you’re lucky enough to be born during his reign, you should consider a lion tattoo. In this way you will strengthen your natural attributes, becoming stronger and more noble. Depicting a lion will help nurture your manhood and will to victory, but at the same time, remind you of its weakness - arrogance.

lion tattoo designs
lion tattoo designs
lion tattoo designs

Variations of lion
images and their meaning

The difference in interpretation of lion tattoos comes from their body position, the emotions they express.

So, the lion:

  • Attacks. Shows that its owner is able to stand up for himself/herself.
  • Sits quietly. Demonstrates its strength, ability to control emotions.
  • Growls. Reminds you not to play with fire.
  • Interacts with a weaker animal. The tattoo speaks of the possibility of compromise, friendliness.
  • Fighting. Ready to attack, defend and win if life circumstances allow.
  • Lionesses tattoos speak of maternal protection, her selflessness and love.
lion tattoo designs
lion tattoo designs
How can I get
a lion tattoo?

Give preference to the whole sketch of a lion.

It is better to tattoo on the back or hand, where his image will not be distorted. The meaning of the lion tattoo does not affect its location. You can use any technique, play with styles, add an inscription or pattern. Such a magnificent image is worth the effort and better to do it in a team with experienced masters.

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