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Lily tattoo sketch: types and styles

Lily tattoo sketch is one of the popular options that are chosen by different people of all ages.

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers. Beauty manifests itself in the graceful form of a bud and graceful outlines. Lily tattoos are often symbolic. The image is made in different styles and sizes using black and gray pigments or a wide color palette. Flower tattoos are applied to different parts of the body.

Lily tattoo
Lily tattoo
Lily tattoo

Lily tattoo and its meaning

Lily tattoo sketches can be interpreted differently because of several meanings.

In different cultures, flower is associated with different concepts. In Egypt, the lily is associated with fertility and rebirth, in China - with abundance and purity. In Greece, the flower is a symbol of sexuality. In each case, the flower on the body will represent the value that the owner attaches.

The most common meaning that is put in the drawing is purity and innocence. Usually in this context, the master chooses the white color for the petals of the flower. Traditional ideas about the lily are closely related to faith and Christianity. It is believed that the flower brings good luck and protects against adversity. Women often get a lily tattoo to happily marry.

In Christian culture, the lily is associated with the image of the Virgin Mary, so the flower symbolizes her inherent traits - chastity and purity. On many Christian paintings, the Virgin Mary holds a bouquet of lilies in her hands. Another meaning in Christian religion is faith in God. Many believers make lily tattoos to emphasize love and connection with God. Other common meanings are:

  • Beauty and sexuality.
  • Calmness and serenity.
  • Tenderness and femininity.
  • Family values.

Tattoos gain a certain value by using different colors during creation. So, the red buds represent passion and sensual attraction. Pink petals symbolize tenderness and elegance. Yellow flowers are a symbol of joy and prosperity. The purple lily has a magical ability to attract wealth, emphasizing belonging to the highest royal class. An orange lily means a bright personality and independence of the owner.

Lily tattoo suits people who value aesthetics, seek well-being and prosperity. Getting a flower on the body can mean that the owner likes to travel or dreams of visiting exotic countries.

Many people choose to get such a tattoo because of the aesthetic appeal of the flower. The skillfully made flower looks elegant and exquisite. It is ideal for body decoration.

Lily tattoo
Lily tattoo

Lily tattoos designs

Lily tattoos vary in size, color and design.

If you want to make a bright picture, you probably will choose pink, red, orange, purple or other bright pigment. White pigment is not noticeable on the skin. Design options:

  • Flower bud.
  • Flower with leaves on the stem.
  • Combinations with other colors.
  • Combinations with inscriptions and symbols - butterflies, stars, dragonflies, hearts.

The image of the lily is the universal basis for the creation of countless diverse compositions. The butterfly and a bud indicate femininity and a desire to make a difference. The image of a flower with an inscription or name is an opportunity to expand the idea and meaning of the tattoo.

A new level of significance acquires the lily in combination with other colors. With roses, the tattoo symbolizes sensitivity and devotion to the beloved. The combination with hibiscus means chastity and wealth, with sunflower - femininity and spirituality. There is a popular variant of a lily with hummingbird. The bird symbolizes optimism, sincere intentions and creativity of the person. In combination with the flower, it indicates the inventiveness of the holder. The lily tattoo with the sword is a symbol of strength and power.

Lily tattoo
Lily tattoo
Lily tattoo

Different styles

Lily tattoos are a great choice for flower lovers.

More often, the sketch is made on the ankle, wrist, shoulder, chest or shoulder. The arrangement of the tattoo often gives additional meaning or draws attention to parts of the body. The body image is performed in different styles:

  • Watercolor. Tattoos are colorful and artistic.
  • Blackwork. Body images are made with black pigment, using wide contours of petals and other elements. Thick lines and dense parts help create dramatic images.
  • Minimalism. Miniature flowers made mainly by black ink.
  • New School. The drawing in this style is full of bright colors, different dynamics and color stretch marks.
  • Realism. The flower in this style looks like a real, living plant.

Large flexible petals and expressive stems look great on the skin regardless of the style. Tattoos made in black and grey are distinguished by a clear detail of fragments. Men usually choose images in black; women choose colored pictures.

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