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Kiwi tattoo: what does the fruit tattoo mean, styles and designs

Kiwi fruit is a succulent exotic fruit with a sweet and sour taste.

Green flesh is hidden under hairy brown peel. The appearance of the fruit is not remarkable. More often the subject of tattoos are slices of fruit with a pronounced texture and small black bones located around the circle.

This interesting berry grows on vines. The tropical fruit is named after the small bird with brown plumage, a symbol of New Zealand. A kiwi bird is depicted on national coins and stamps.

Kiwi fruit is a source of inexhaustible energy and good mood. The berry contains more vitamin C than citrus. Other useful trace elements are iron and magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It is no coincidence that the fetus is very popular among athletes and health advocates.

Kiwi tattoo on the body is a more conscious choice that indicates a love for tropical fruit and diet. The tattoo looks bright and attractive due to the rich neon colors. It is suitable for men and women of any age. The exotic fruit is an incentive for fantasy and a source of inspiration for the creation of unique topographic drawings. Reasons to make a tattoo kiwi:

  • Cheerful life attitude.
  • Stylish, up-to-date beautification.
  • Compatibility with other plots and images.

Kiwi tattoolooks good with other fruits, birds, butterflies, flowers and plant ornaments.

Kiwi tattoo
Kiwi tattoo
Kiwi tattoo

Kiwi tattoo: the main meanings

The fruit tattoos look elegant and refined.

They do not carry a deep philosophical burden. Simple, understandable stories are seen more as a body decoration than a way of communicating information. Usually the kiwi tattoo is chosen by people who travel a lot. The choice of plot indicates the traits of the character:

  • Organization and cohesion.
  • Persistence, ability to plan your life and achieve your goals.
  • Originality of nature and inimitable style.
  • Energy and activity.
Kiwi tattoo
Kiwi tattoo

Kiwi tattoos choose cosmopolitans who feel like citizens of the world, putting the interests of humanity above the needs of a single country.

The main meanings:

  • Health, fertility and well-being.
  • Life force and energy.
  • Self-improvement and spiritual growth.
  • Creativity and motivation.
  • Steady progress despite obstacles and obstacles.
  • Happiness and successful romantic relationships.

The plot with kiwi represents an unusual, extraordinary person who is not accustomed to follow the common rules, chooses his own way of life. Kiwi tattoo could mean a planned trip to New Zealand or an interest in the culture of that country. A full-body drawing of the fruit is a daily occasion for fun and good mood.

The fruit was originally grown in China, which led to a close relationship with Chinese culture. Because of the furry skin at home, the fruit was called «monkey peach». New Zealand residents called the kiwi Chinese gooseberry. In China, fruits are used in traditional medicine to comprehensively treat gastrointestinal and kidney abnormalities, improve overall well-being and performance, and eliminate nervous overexcitation and stress.

Food and eating habits are part of Chinese culture. In China, food is used to treat disease, build communication and care. Kiwi tattoo shows a connection with Chinese culture and gastronomic traditions. To personalize the body pattern, add details and inscriptions. Kiwi tattoo can mean a message about the benefits of fruit.

Kiwi tattoo
Kiwi tattoo
Kiwi tattoo

Kiwi tattoo: designs

Fruit tattoo is the perfect choice for couple tattoos.

Neutral value and aesthetic appearance - factors that make the body image suitable for almost all body art fans. Kiwi tattoo in the form of a contour - minimalist design for lovers of simple and elegant solutions. This image will complement the elegant image.

Tattoos fit emotional and temperamental personalities, associated with the love of life, the ability to enjoy every moment. Black and white kiwi tattoos are distinguished by an exquisite simplicity. Help to emphasize charm and charm. Popular additions to the kiwi tattoos:

  • Hummingbirds, canaries and parrots.
  • Flowers, fruits and leaves.
  • Butterflies and cicadas.

The tattoos of kiwi fruit in combination with banana and apple, avocado, grape and pomegranate, strawberry, orange and pineapple look colorful. Most kiwi tattoos are presented as a slice or half of the fruit. It is the bright inner part that reflects cheerfulness and optimism. The story is popular among people who never despair, find daily reasons for joy and pleasant emotions. Kiwi tattoo will help overcome life’s difficulties and protect against setbacks.

Kiwi tattoo
Kiwi tattoo

Tattoo kiwi: styles

The tattoo of kiwi is performed in different styles.

The master focuses on the personal preferences of the future owner and the general idea. Watercolor kiwi tattoo look spectacular and bright. Minimalist tattoos are suitable for office employees and other people who are forced to adhere to a strict dress code at work. Abstract and futuristic body images - a tribute to fashion trends.

The Fine Line or Linework look elegant and sophisticated. The Neo Traditional style is characterized by expressive lines and rich colors. Realistic style of execution - one of the most popular. Natural colors of the fruit - juicy and catchy, attract attention and adjust to the positive.

Kiwi tattoo make in different parts of the body. The plot is optimal for placement on the wrist, neck, arms and legs, back and chest. Images of tropical fruit often include a sleeve or large-scale tattoo with many details.

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