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Joker tattoo design

Would you like to get a Joker tattoo?

Do you like the image of a bad genius with an enchanting broad smile and green hair? What do you think about his appearance or inner qualities? Treacherous villain with his invulnerable duo impress children and adults. A tattoo design with a crazy character has become popular among a huge number of people. However, it has found popularity among those who:

  • loves risk;
  • knows that fate is fickle;
  • prefers to walk on the edge of a knife than to have a quiet, boring lifestyle.

The tireless inventor Joker is a symbiosis of unbelievable imagination that does not always work for the good, and the resilience that helps him to escape trouble. It seems that his mad games will never end. Paradox, but the Joker is the clown. Still, he doesn’t want to mock. That’s his power.

joker tattoo ideas
joker tattoo ideas
joker tattoo ideas

Joker Tattoo meanings for men.

Joker tattoo designs are chosen by:

  • stubborn,
  • venturesome
  • brave men.

Those who like to take risks are driven by adrenaline flares.

The Joker Tattoo, by its presence on the body, commits to endurance in its principles and beliefs. If you believe in yourself and your power, are not afraid of anything and love excessive speed in all life processes, then the Joker tattoo design is your choice.

joker tattoo ideas
joker tattoo ideas

We all understand that tattoos reflect the inner state of their owners, those qualities that he seeks to multiply.

The Joker will not allow you to be bored, it will not allow you to relax, but in return will bring the desired and unexplained taste of risk. But the simple fact is, it's no laughing matter. Only he can do it.

If you see a tattoo of the Joker in the form of a girl on the body of a man, you should know - this man knows what pretending love is, he felt it.

joker tattoo ideas
joker tattoo ideas
joker tattoo ideas

Joker tattoo design for women: who are these ladies?

Joker, as a character, is quite sophisticated on the women’s fragile shoulders.

Joker designs are not in demand among women, but there are brave and risky ladies who have them on their bodies. Sometimes such works can be seen. The message of such a tattoo on a woman’s body is the variability of luck.

If you are a woman and are dreaming about the Joker tattoo, then pay attention to small sketches with smooth lines. Do not be afraid of bright colors. They just hide the message of the tough and haughty pattern.

Joker as a man on the girl’s body says that she is in search of such a real character, she likes brash, last-ditch and in some way «crazy» guys.

joker tattoo ideas
joker tattoo ideas
Joker tattoo design and its features

Men with Joker tattoos on their bodies are more likely to be found in the United States and Western Europe.

The tattoo is difficult to apply because of its large scale. In most cases, bright colors are used for the application of such a tattoo, but black and white colors are not exceptions.

In terms of the technical component, you can experiment by tattooing in cartoon style, watercolor or realistic.

Which Joker to choose: from comic book or movie? Each character is attractive in its own way, but statistics show that the most popular Joker is filmed by Heath Ledger.

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