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What does
the infinity tattoo symbolize?

You often have to spend a lot of time in the search for the right sketch for a tattoo.

After all, you want to choose something simple, but original. Drawing with deep semantic load. Stylish, attractive, corresponding to the preferences of the owner. All the above can be said about infinity tattoo. It is chosen by romantics and realists. Women and men of different ages. What does the symbol mean and how to interpret it?

Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design
  • Unity of beginning and end.
  • Cyclicity of all life processes, continuity.
  • Infinity of fluttering feelings, eternity of relationships.
  • Subtlety of the spiritual organization, human vulnerability.
  • The desire for freedom, harmony.
  • The кebirth of the Soul.
  • The interaction of male and female energy.

Women put into this image the meaning of love, relationships, emotional events in life. Men meditate philosophically, wanting to know the mysteries of the universe, the true paths to self-development.

Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design
Best place
to get a tattoo

The infinity tattoo sketch looks attractive on any part of the human body.

But the most popular place can be considered a hand - wrist. Often the symbol is found on the fingers, neck, ear and foot. Compact images look neat, stylish, effective.

Large and medium-sized sketches are better placed in the collarbone area, along the vertebral column on the back, on the shoulder blade, ribs. There are no restrictions on the choice of a place. So you can not restrain your imagination, decorate with drawings of any area of the body.

Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design
Popular design options
  • The sign of the Infinity with a feather means the ease of movement, the pleasure of life, the acceptance of everything new, the getting rid of problems and troubles. Ideal for romantic and creative natures.
  • Infinity with letters, inscriptions - symbolizes memorable dates, events, names of dear and close people.
  • Infinity tattoo with birds is interpreted as the desire to be free, the addiction to travel, trips. Aspiration to constant movement. People with such tattoos have a rebellious character, stubborn and always stand on their own.
  • The inverted “8” with the heart, the human image, the crown, colors and other elements shows the connection of a person with certain emotions and feelings. It’s a memory of an important event in life.
  • The tattoo of Infinity against the background of the sky, stars, planets - symbolizes the desire for new knowledge, the constant development of personality.
  • The inverted eight with a pulse line is a sign of life energy, victory, desire to help people.

Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design
Tattoo benefits

The art of decorating your body with various drawings dates back to ancient times.

Today, such body decorations are called tattoos. Why they are so popular and what are the benefits of tattoos - find out more in detail:

With the help of the tattoo you can show your individuality, increase the attention from others. Express your own «self».

Use it as protection, amulet.

Infinity tattoo design
Infinity tattoo design

You may always have a memorable date, a situation with you. As a reminder of a dear, beloved person.

Tattoos greatly enhance the aesthetics of the body, self-esteem.

Infinity, in addition to its sacred value, has another plus - the possibility of overlapping skin defects (scars, scratches, body imperfections, pigment spots). If you need this procedure, it is better to contact professional tattoo salons “VeAn Tattoo”, where the work will be done at the highest level. Painless, quality, affordable. Choose the right sketches, consult and get spectacular body decorations of any size, color, on the desired area of the body. Positive result is guaranteed!

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