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Hummingbird tattoo

Have you ever dreamed of decorating your body with a graceful, original and spectacular tattoo?

Do you find particularly attractive body images of exotic animals? Then you should certainly consider numerous options of tattoos with hummingbird - the most miniature representative of birds. Despite the smallest bird size, the images that have become the basis for tattoo sketches are notable for their brightness and positive significance, and also find the most harmonious embodiment in the most diverse and even unexpected styles of tattoos.

Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo

What does a hummingbird
mean in tattoos?

The image of a tiny bird, living mainly in South America, will certainly suit those who consider themselves an optimist and are firmly convinced of the successful outcome of any business and enterprise.

Do you know that this amazing creature, which seems to be a living illustration of the book of fairy tales, can fly in any direction (even tail forward), move with incredible speed for its size and defend against predators, having only a thin sharp beak? You will agree, quite a worthy example, inspiring and positive!

At the same time, the image is bright and, at first glance, somewhat frivolous, filled with a variety of meanings. Here are just a few examples:

  • The Indians of South America believed that the hummingbirds were endowed with the gift of communicating with the sun deity, and could pass on human pleas to end the drought.
  • Other legends contain a version of the souls of separated lovers incarnated after death in these brave and bright birds to go their way, without parting, floating over endless flowering meadows.

Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo
  • The Mojave Indians of North America believed that it was the bright tiny hummingbird that brought the people of the dark caves to light, sun and joy. This interpretation of the image of hummingbird is relevant for everyone - it is a symbol of the light strip, which will inevitably change the days of disappointment, failure, despair.
  • In Colombia, Peru and Brazil, the hummingbird is a symbol of never-ending hope.

Often this image is associated with the energy of love, resilience, cheerfulness and positive mood. In addition, let’s be honest, many tattoo sketches with hummingbirds are so elegant and effective that the details of the image interpretation unwittingly fade into the background before aesthetic perfection.

Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo

Styles and Best
Hummingbird tattoo ideas

A hummingbird tattoo with a positive, romantic and light feel can be implemented in a variety of styles.

We recommend paying attention to this nuance. Spectacular and harmonious tattoos depicting this exotic bird are performed in the most sophisticated techniques, requiring not only the mother’s experience, but also a real talent.

To tattoo a hummingbird can be used such styles:

  • Realism with its high detail allows to convey all the beauty of each element. Monochrome tattoos in a realistic manner are great for men’s tattoos, allowing you to create original, exclusive compositions, compact in size, but saturated in meaning.
  • Watercolor equipment is one of the most sought after when it comes to hummingbird tattoos. The main features of this style - a variety of soft shades and very smooth transitions - create a sense of tenderness, romance and sensuality.
  • Dotwork is one of the most interesting styles in which the image consists of separate dots, allows to convey the mood, looks perfectly in combination with other styles.
  • Ethnic - in the swirls of hummingbird feathers read Celtic or Indian patterns, which only adds an image of tenderness, harmony and romance.

Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo

The stories of hummingbird tattoos are also very diverse.

First of all, it is a great choice if you dreamed of a concise tattoo in the minimalist style. The monochrome silhouette of the soaring hummingbird, even without any additions, looks quite finished and expressive. However, in their quest for more elaborate themes, girls often choose sketches of hummingbird tattoos, where this bright bird is depicted surrounded by floral elements, which speaks of softness, femininity, desire for harmony and peace.

There are frequent additions in the form of strict geometric figures that contrast vividly with the smooth lines of the silhouette of the flying bird. Such combinations - a great choice for male tattoos, testifying to the wisdom of the wearer of the native drawing, receiving the world in all the appeal of its contradictions. Wishing to add more specifics to the overall message of the tattoo or to reflect in the drawing personal important moments in life, hummingbird tattoos are often supplemented with inscriptions, numbers, and individual symbols.

Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo
Where to get
a hummingbird tattoo?

The choice of location of the hummingbird tattoo is entirely determined by your preferences and can only be limited by the scale of the drawing.

Among the most popular places for tattoo hummingbird choose

  • hip, caviar or ankle - there is more than enough space to make the life-size picture look great from any angle;
  • forearm, shoulder, wrist - an excellent choice for a variety of compositions that can be demonstrated to others or easily concealed by clothing;
  • neck, collar area or behind ear - places for compact but expressive hummingbird tattoos.

Hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo

However, if you dream of a larger tattoo, in which the image of a hummingbird will be complemented by flowers, butterflies or geometric shapes, it is worth choosing the upper back or hip.

Remember that the tattoo is a lifetime image. Its application requires knowledge, experience, mastery of the most complex techniques and skills in different styles. This means that you need to take a very careful look at the choice of the studio, study the portfolio of the master and familiarize yourself with the various sketches of the hummingbird tattoos, so that the end result will please and inspire you always.

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