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Horse tattoo design

Another universal and incredibly popular tattoo is a horse tattoo.

These kind and graceful animals are often depicted on both man and women bodies. This sketch is most often chosen by optimists, good and sincere people, open for something new. In different mythologies horses had different symbols. They may have been compared to elements such as water or fire, or have the form of the sun or moon.

horse tattoo ideas
horse tattoo ideas
horse tattoo ideas

What do horses symbolize
in different countries, nationalities and religion

  • Ancient Greece. This country has given us such mythical creatures as winged horses (Pegasus) and centaurs. Their value - strength, fortress of fighting spirit.
  • Japan. Here horses were servants of the gods. White horses served the goddess of mercy, and black the god of rain.
  • China. The horse in Chinese mythology is a symbol of positive energy Yan. The horse is always about wisdom, power and industry.
  • Iran. Here horses were associated with weather elements - wind, rain and snow.
  • Christians symbolized horses with hard work.
  • A horse is wealth and success in Islam.
  • The Celts saw divine creatures in horses.

horse tattoo ideas
horse tattoo ideas

Horse tattoo meaning

Most popular interpretations of horse image in tattoo designs:

  • Intelligence and all that is associated with it. Horses are incredibly intelligent animals. That is why people associate them with wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Freedom. Love for will and independence.
  • Loyalty and Nobility.
  • Hard work. The strength of this animal symbolizes strength, hard work, and strength of character.
  • Determination, speed.
  • Wealth, luck and prosperity.

horse tattoo ideas
horse tattoo ideas
horse tattoo ideas

What else do you need to know about a tattoo of this noble animal?

  • White horse. The most popular version of the tattoo. Characterizes its owner as a kind and believing in miracles. Any image of light horses is a symbol of positive energy.
  • The red or brown horse shows the passionate nature and passion of its owner.
  • The Celtic Horse is a symbol of strength and beauty.
  • The horse in motion shows the determination of its owner.
  • The horse’s skull is a powerful charm.
  • The chess horse indicates that its owner is a gambler.
  • Pegasus shows us that his owner is a dreamer and freedom lover.
  • The horse in its habitat is a symbol of freedom.

Horse tattoos look very effective on large areas of the body, so the back, chest or thigh will be a great place to get such an image.

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