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Harry Potter Tattoos

The first Harry Potter book was published in 1997.

Almost thirty years later, Rowling’s work remains one of the most popular in the world. The characters of an adventure fantasy novel have become favorite characters for millions of fans. Many people choose the appropriate body art design to emphasize their admiration for the work and demonstrate agreement with the main concept - good always defeats evil.

Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos

Variants of sketches
and their meaning

Tattoo culture helps to express thoughts and feelings.

Harry Potter’s books have a huge number of quotes, spells, and symbols that are destined to be the perfect motivational tattoo. Images inspired by the story will help you to overcome difficult times, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Different options:

  • Golden Snitch is a symbol of victory and good fortune. A golden ball with silver wings moves with great speed. It’ll take dexterity, luck and skill to catch it. The Golden Snitch tattoo signifies a successful completion of the business, a rise to the heights of fame and prosperity.
  • The Sorting Hat. The Sorting Hat selects the faculty for future Hogwarts students. The body pattern symbolizes the choice of a life path, the adoption of a difficult decision, the desire for a better future.
  • The sign of the Deathly Hallows. Artifacts in the form of The Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility have enormous power. It is believed that the owner of all three artifacts becomes invincible. The body image indicates the owner’s desire to achieve recognition and power, achieve their goals, gain magical protection from troubles and dark forces. Other interpretations are longevity and luck.
  • Death Eaters. They are followers of Voldemort, who founded the organization and advocated purity of blood. Attacking Muggles and Wizards who refused to take their side. Tis tattoo means loyalty and trust. It may not be loyalty to the dark Ones. It is a sign that indicates the steadfastness and firmness of the decision to follow its leader. Another interpretation is the resurrection after death.
  • Magic wand. A body image can be large or small, often with additions in the form of spells. It symbolizes protection and strength, self-improvement and personal growth, fulfillment of desires and luck.

Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos

  • Phoenix or phoenix pen. It represents victory over death, longevity and prosperity, rebirth and resilience, the ability to overcome obstacles and change for the better. Other interpretations - new beginnings, a new stage in life.
  • Winged Keys are the symbol of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. It means striving to move forward, to try out forces and to open all the doors encountered in the path. Other interpretations are the ability to keep secrets, verbosity, memory of past events.
  • Lightning or a Harry Potter scar. The mark, which appeared on the protagonist’s face after meeting Voldemort, personifies fearlessness and steadfastness, strength and ability to fight back enemies. It is also a symbol of unconditional love associated with the death of Harry Potter’s mother, who tried to protect her son from the Dark Lord. Another interpretation is the victory of good over evil.
  • Serpent Basilisk. Means life cycle and magical transformations. Another interpretation is the ability to resist temptations and temptations.

A popular design is to depict the main characters of the novel and the film. The most common subjects are portraits of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley. Meaning of the tattoos - guidance and help of higher forces, magic and magical transformations.

Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry Potter quotes turned
into tattoos you'll love

  • «Nothing is impossible if you have enough courage».
  • « Always use the proper name for things».
  • « Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times».
  • «It is impossible to imitate love».
  • «Only a person determines his/her choice».
  • «The main task is to choose between what is easy and what is right».
  • «Those who love us never leave us».

Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos
Harry Potter Tattoos

Different style

Minimalist style tattoos are small, suitable for any part of the body - behind the ear, on the finger, foot or palm.

The plot to create a body image can be quotes or items, such as glasses or Harry Potter’s wand. This is ideal for creating paired tattoos that represent deep sincere feelings, kindness and loyalty to friends and lovers.

Harry Potter-style tattoos are created in black or colored ink. Black and white tattoos are often made in the same line, in the Abstract or Fineline style. Concise body images look stylish and elegant, colored and detailed illustrations look bright and spectacular. The Watercolor style tattoos are characterized by artistic expressiveness and colorful look great.

The Harry Potter-style tattoo is a suitable plot for creating a sleeve or a large-scale body image on a large area of skin. As part of body art, you can combine several drawings and tell your own original story.

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