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Fox tattoo designs

The association that emerges when the fox is mentioned is cunning.

Smart, quick and resourceful animal is able to get out of any trouble, to avoid falling into a trap, to escape not only from wild animals, but also from people. Foxes are beautiful at any time of the year. Their colorful, tightly stuffed fur coat excites with its magnificence. The foxes' habitat is quite vast, as they can be found all over the globe. Almost every nation has its «relationships» with the foxes. Somewhere they are loved a little more, somewhere a little less, but everywhere they know - the fox is smart, cunning and careful.

Fox tattoo sketches are popular, they do not need to create a trend, because the smart animal itself made it/ The tattoos of fluffy beauties are often made, updated and modified.

fox tattoo designs
fox tattoo designs
fox tattoo designs

Fox culture and relationships

If you want a fox tattoo not only because of its superior natural look, but also because of the meaning, then you should know that this restless animal is honored in different countries, but its image is treated differently.

Going deeper into the meaning of fox tattoo, you should know that:

fox tattoo designs
fox tattoo designs
  • In Japan, there is a legend about a fox and its nine tails. The beast was equated with a deity, because it is able to help the needy, giving them benefits. In general, the Japanese associate white fox with wealth and prosperity. By tattooing a fox, they imply the prospect of personal growth, strengthening leadership qualities, care and caution.
  • For a long time, the Chinese settled in the area where the foxes live. Trusting the furry animals, they hoped that the troubles and storms would get around their house. Fox tattoo in China is protection, attraction of luck, desire to live a long and happy life.
  • For Koreans, fox tattoos mean sex. As a rule, such sketches are applied by women whose thoughts are focused on strengthening all the best female qualities.
  • The Scandinavian peoples emphasized in the red fox its main feature - cunning. It represents the God Loka, whose «sphere of activity» lies in cunning and capriciousness.
  • Indians often can see the tattoo of the fox face. Trust in the foxes of these people is limitless. From them they learned the wisdom of hunting and healing, believe that the animal helps to find healing plants, keep away from traps.
  • The Celts and their love of foxes is a separate theme. Did you know that when a fox falls into a trap, it is more likely to lose a limb by chewing on it than lose its freedom? Celtic fox tattoos are about independence, honor, courage, knowledge and luck. The warriors got a red animal to show everyone how much they loved freedom.

fox tattoo designs
fox tattoo designs
fox tattoo designs

From everything mentioned above, it can be concluded that fox tattoo for its owner has many positive aspects.

It gives growth and strength, promotes good luck and longevity, protects from bed things and takes away from horrible life circumstances.

fox tattoo designs
fox tattoo designs

nterpretation of fox tattoo for men and women

Men often choose fox tattoos.

The dual nature of the animal helps to get out of the predicament. With it, you will benefit from luck. With a fox tattoo, men try to express their fearlessness, the ability to get out of any trouble.

For women, the fox is an image of fertility and sexuality, feminine cunning and mystery. You will definitely not regret about the choice of tattoo if it is a fox. You should think about a quality and exclusive sketch.

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