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Flash tattoo
and its meaning

Those people who love to decorate their body with drawings try to find the most interesting, extraordinary, attractive option.

What can it be? Flash tattoo sketch is a great solution for women and men of different ages. Bright flash of light, energy discharge mesmerizes the eyes, makes you think about the secret meaning of the picture. What can it mean?

flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
  • Danger, heavenly punishment, justice.
  • Manifestation of Higher Forces, a flow of positive energy.
  • Inspiration, the spiritual power of man.
  • Comparison of life and death.
  • Fertility and the thirst for life.
  • Supernatural protection from negativity.

If it came to mind to choose such a picture, it is worth considering every detail, additional elements of the drawing. To make its meaning, the value accurately reflects the intended idea.

flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs

Origin of
the symbol

For the first time the image appeared in the ancient world.

Slavs often associated it with the god Perun, Greeks - with the god Zeus, Romans - with Thunderbolt. As a body art it was applied only to those personalities who were close to the deities - these are priests, religious figures. Later, the flash was considered a symbol of sailors, travelers. And some people tattooed with the flash to attract luck, considered a charm.

flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs

for men and women

Men and women decorate their bodies with such an extraordinary mark - all without exception.

And all because the image is universal. It can emphasize character, show inner strength, pressure, confidence, life priorities. Such people often take on a lot of responsibilities, they are determined and ready for immediate reactions. They know exactly what they want from life. Have a powerful energy core. People whose body has a flash tattoo can stand up for themselves and others.

flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
Style and color

Such a spectacular symbol as the flash simply cannot be boring and unnoticed.

Tattoo artists depict it schematically, which is more like a tree branch. And also choose the style of Realism, New School, Dotwork, Geometric. From the color pallet often use black, yellow, orange, green, red and other shades.

flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
Best place
to get a tattoo
  • The Neck - here the tatoo look great.
  • The inside part of the hand has enough space to get the tattoo in all its glory.
  • Ribs - this part of the body can always be hidden from the eyes of others, as well as manifest femininity or sexuality due to the beautiful tattoo on this site.
  • Shoulder - more men than women get tattoos here. They prefer real compositions, with the presence of sky, stars, rain, moon, animal and human images.
  • Fingers - through a small area, compact mini-drawings are placed here.
  • Leg - this area is perfect for chic compositions, which have a bright flash made by color pigments. The plot can be very different, to show a certain meaning.
  • Also a flesh tattoo can be made on the chest, clavicle, wrist, foot and in other places. The main option is the size of the intended picture.

flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
flash tattoo designs
Service cost

What affects the final cost of a flash tattoo?

To deal with this issue, it is worth visiting a consultation of a qualified tattoo artist. It will estimate the amount of work, take into account the palette of colors, analyze the complexity of the execution. The consultation will be able to calculate the preliminary cost, taking into account different details and nuances. Are there any questions? Then be sure to visit the network of VeAn salons, where the most sophisticated tattoos at the highest level are performed every day. In the VeAn Tattoo network you may find the best tattoo service at an affordable price. It is safe and you will have memory for many years.

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