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Fern tattoo: its symbolism, styles and design

The fern tattoo is a popular story among men and women, which is due to the aesthetic appeal of the drawing and symbolism.

Elegant design and deep meaning - combinations that are especially valued in tattoo culture.

Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo

Fern tattoos and their meaning

Ferns are the oldest higher plants that survive and thrive in difficult conditions.

The main meaning of tattoo - endurance of character, the ability to overcome difficulties in life and adapt to the environment. The intricate structure of the leaf represents natural beauty and gracefulness.

Ferns have fascinated people for centuries. Amazing plants are characterized by increased ecological plasticity, are found in different regions of the world. In different cultures are associated with certain beliefs and cause a variety of emotions.

In Celtic and Maori culture, the fern has a special place. The ancient Celts and Māori revered the plant for its charming appearance and resistance to negative influences. In this context, the fern serves as a talisman that protects against evil spirits and foreshadows the patronage of higher forces. In Maori culture, the fern is associated with a new life, symbolizing purity, inner and physical strength.

In Greek mythology, the plant is closely related to the goddess of hunting Artemis. The head of Artemis was decorated with a wreath woven from branches of the fern. In Norse mythology, the fern represents the gateway to the other world. The Scandinavian peoples used the plant to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo

In Japan, the fern often grew in a place where other plants did not survive.

Amazing resilience is admirable. In Japanese culture, it symbolizes luck, prosperity and adaptability. The main meanings are:

  • Personal growth and self-improvement.
  • Resistance to external influences.
  • Ability to adapt and transform.
  • Eternal youth and immortality.
  • Inextricable connection with nature.
  • Luck and prosperity.
  • Protection from adversity and disease.
  • Sincerity and charm.
  • Spiritual connection and enlightenment.
  • Achieving inner harmony.

Fern tattoo is often chosen by nature lovers. The plant is associated with pristine natural landscapes. The sketch is equally suitable for creating large and elegant small tattoos. Thanks to the fine detail in large-scale realistic stories, you get spectacular and impressive images.

Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo

Fern tattoo: reasons for popularity

The intristing leaf patterns of the plant look attractive and stylish on the skin.

The deep meaning of the body image is an additional reason to get a fern tattoo. Tattoo of an ancient plant refers to exclusive and significant types of body art. Each body pattern looks unique due to the wide possibilities for creative experiments.

You can choose different positions and sizes of the leaves of the plant. The master is individually suited to the design of a system of branches that look like leaves. As a result, each body painting is different. Graceful leaf plates of the plant cause admiration thanks to artistic refinement. The reasons for choosing a fern tattoo:

  • Elegant beautification.
  • An opportunity to emphasize the connection with nature.
  • Possibility to focus on character traits.

In many cultures, the oldest plant acts as a protector, which protects the wearer from trouble and evil spirits. Protection from negative external influences - an additional reason to tattoo the fern.

Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo

Fern Tattoo: designs

The leaves of the plant suggest a wide range of design solutions.

Spiral or straight branches, complex leaf patterns look different in the interpretations of artists. Fern tattoos are often supplemented by elements:

  • Flowers. Roses and lotuses, irises and lilies, mimosas and lilies harmoniously combined with lush leaves, together create an expressive floral composition. The significance of the native drawing is beauty and love, spiritual awakening, self-knowledge and personal growth.
  • Birds. A bird personify freedom and aspiration to high goals. Other interpretations - spirituality and transformation, constant movement forward towards the dream. Exotic birds - hummingbirds, parrots, canaries - look good with an ancient plant.
  • Mandala. The symbol creates a fascinating effect and adds value - inner harmony, balance of power and energy, unity of form and content.

The single plant looks attractive due to the natural beauty of the leaves. The fern tattoo easily combines with other subjects - natural landscapes, images of animals, objects and people. To personalize the tattoo, add quotes, symbols and characters.

Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo
Fern tattoo
Fern Tattoo: styles

The fern tattoo looks particularly striking in a realistic style.

The colored and black and white images fully reflect the natural beauty of the plant. This is the perfect sketch to create a footprint in the minimalist style, Finline and Lynwork. In this case, the tattoo looks delicate, graceful and exquisite.

The fern tattoo attracts a mystical aura and symbolism. In Polynesian culture, the plant is associated with new beginnings and personal growth. In the Polynesian style, the sheets are intertwined with geometric patterns that symbolize harmony with nature.

The body images in the Celtic style consist of intertwined knots and intricate patterns that emphasize the natural origin and connection with the spiritual world. Japanese-style tattoos may contain characters, dragon, sakura, koi fish, and other symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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