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Family tree
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One of the most symbolic tattoos, of course, is the body image of the family tree.

This is a huge direction that can include both classic minimalist sketches and sophisticated avant-garde works.

The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo

What does the family
tree tattoo mean?

The family tree is a visualization of related relationships, an image that reflects complex and deep relationships.

The most common depiction of the family tree is a tree with roots representing ancestors and branches of descendants. However, other obvious options are possible. The tree of family connections can be very detailed and include information on birth, marriage, divorce and death, containing detailed information about each family member or whole genus.

The tattoo depicting the family tree has a deep symbolic significance of the close connection of man with his ancestors, the history of the family. In addition, the tattoo with a family tree testifies to the priority of family values for its holder, responsibility to children and future generations, the desire to preserve family traditions.

The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo

Styles and techniques

Tattoo with family tree can be made in a huge number of techniques.

It is difficult to imagine what style this image would look bad or inappropriate. Here are just some techniques:

  • Watercolor. The watercolor tattoo looks refined and airy. It is often supplemented by various elements - colors, birds or other symbols that are close to you and your family.
  • Blackwork. Tattoo family tree in this style can look incredibly spectacular and stylish, very graphic and minimalistic - due to the predominance of black in the drawing. Working with negative space will make this image very unusual.
  • Minimalism. Family tree in minimalist style is the image of a small tree with branches and leaves. Family names can be written on the branches. Another great option is to style the names as branches or roots of the tree. Minimal detail and simple lines make this style ideal for those who do not like too bright and catchy tattoos. Colors are usually used muted and quiet, which allows a sense of harmony and peace.

The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo
  • Lettering. Lettering is a style of writing that is characterized by the use of voluminous and expressive letters. In this style, the tree may be in the form of an inscription, where each branch is a name. The letters are executed in different styles, from classical to modern. Colors - bright and rich to emphasize the individuality of each member of the family.
  • Realism. A realistic family tree is often depicted with many details such as leaves, branches, roots, and even animals that inhabit a tree. The colors used are vivid and realistic to create the feeling that the tree really exists. The contours can be very thin and detailed to convey each branch and leaf.

Once again note that this is a very small list of possible options. Tattoo with a family tree can be made in almost any technique and style. It all depends on your imagination and skills as a master.

The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo

Ideas and tattoo sketches

A wide variety of options to execute the desired sketch sometimes prevents you from choosing something specific. Here are some ideas for creating a family tree tattoo.

  • Traditional family tree tattoos often depict a large tree with branches depicting family members' names. Often, they are performed in a realistic style with bright, saturated colors.
  • Inspired by ancient engravings and paintings, the sketches of the family tree look incredibly refined and unusual. Tattoos in engraving style can be black and white or colored, with thin lines and graceful details.
  • In some works, authors combine two different symbols: the family tree as a sign of attachment to family and its traditions, and the tree of life. It should be noted that the tree of life (or world tree) occurs in a wide range of mythologies and beliefs. That is why before creating a sketch you should get acquainted with the value of this symbol and choose the one that is most appropriate
  • A Celtic-style tree is usually depicted as a complex pattern consisting of intertwined branches and leaves. The pattern can be made in the form of a spiral, symbolizing eternity and continuity of life. In the Celtic style, symbols such as triquetras, knots, and crosses are often used to represent different aspects of life and family.

The family tree tattoo
The family tree tattoo
Where to get
a family tree tattoo

A tattoo depicting a family tree can be performed on different parts of the body, depending on the client’s preferences and the size of the composition.

Among the most popular places for its application usually choose:

  • the shoulder or forearm is a classic variant where the tattoo with the image of the family tree will be visible to others;
  • upper back or the entire surface of the back - if you want to get a detailed and colorful composition that will include a large number of symbols, information about family members or gender;
  • breasts are also an excellent choice for complex and large-scale variations on the topic of family tree;
  • leg (thigh or tibia) - will allow you to admire your tattoo more often, to feel your connection with ancestors and descendants;
  • neck - a great choice for a geometrically balanced, harmonious image with a deep meaning;
    the wrist - it is very advantageous here to look small watercolor or extremely concise tattoos that can be made due to the appearance of their own family or its growth.

Regardless of the choice of style, sketch, size and part of the body for the tattoo, it is very important to choose a studio and master, who can be entrusted with this task. Experts recommend to preview the portfolio of the master, consider several options tattoo sketches of the family tree and choose the best option.

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