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Dream Catcher
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«Dream catcher» tattoo design

«Dreamcatcher» is one of the most famous charms, inspired many tattoo masters to create sketches.

What does it mean? What part of the body is the best one?

dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas

Where did
the dream catcher come from?

According to an ancient legend, the first dreamcatcher was woven by a spider, who decided to protect children, who during sleep are particularly vulnerable to evil spirits and diseases.

The network it woven could only let children have bright and joyful dreams, delaying all troubles and problems. Since long ago, mothers, taught by a wise spider, have woven themselves such amulets that hang at the headboard. It is believed that the slight fluctuation of feathers in the pendants is evidence of good, pleasant dreams, bearing rest and giving health.

dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas

Any «dreamcatcher» consists of a wooden circle(frame), inside which there is a network of wool thread, imitating a web.

On one side of the circle are attached three pendants decorated with beads, beads, beautiful pebbles, and almost always - eagle feathers or owls. The use of feathers is not accidental. The feather symbolizes the element of air, it is meant to win favor and protection of spirits. Feathers of:

⦁ the owls - give the baby wisdom;

⦁ the eagle must give strength and courage.

The stones on the pendants are a symbol of the road and should bring good luck in life.

dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas

Dream catcher
in tattoo culture

Even in our pragmatic and enlightened time, dream catchers remain very popular.

They are not only hung at the headboard, but also used as keyrings, earrings, necklaces. Wearing such an accessory is not always convenient, and losing is very easy. Not to be separate with the charm, many men and women prefer to tattoo a dream catcher.

The «dreamcatcher» tattoo is just an incredible space for experiments. Such an image can be varied to infinity, using different colors and complementing spectacular elements. As such additions, artists developing tattoo sketches introduce plant and geometric ornaments, images of animals and birds. Especially spectacular and intriguing looks tattoo, where the dreamcatcher combines with the looks of owls, bears, wolves. Moreover, instead of the central circle is often used horseshoe, which should attract luck.

dream catcher tattoo ideas

It is believed that such tattoos:

⦁ can be as a barrier against bad eyes;

⦁ make a person invulnerable before causing damage;

⦁ protects against negative energy;

⦁ give a quiet and beneficial sleep.

dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas
How to choose a right place
for the «dream catcher» tattoo

In addition to the purely mystical meaning, «dreamcatcher» symbolizes the closeness to nature, as well as evidence of respect for traditions.

Many people are dreaming of a tattoo - a «dreamcatcher». Still, they have doubts and cannot decide just because they do not know which part of the body is more suitable for such a tattoo. According to the common opinion, the protection of the tattoo «dream catcher» is considered the most effective if it is applied as close as possible to the head - on the shoulder, on the neck.

dream catcher tattoo ideas
dream catcher tattoo ideas

However, it is impossible to prove or refute this opinion.

At the same time, the dreamcatcher, depicted elsewhere, will look no worse, and most importantly - everything will be the same with you! Today, experienced masters make a tattoo «dream catcher»:

⦁ on the back - in this case, the master has more possibilities to use spectacular additions (patterns, birds, animals) and more clarity in the drawing of details;

⦁ on the arm, neck - very much in line with tradition;

⦁ on the woman’s thigh - highlights the beautiful curves of the figure.

Are you going to get a tattoo «dreamcatcher»? First of all, try to focus mentally on the perception of the proposed sketch. Choose the option in which each element will delight you to fill the inner energy - so you get the most powerful protection of the amulet.

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