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Dragonfly tattoo: what does it
mean, styles and designs

Dragonfly tattoo refers to popular body art.

The image of the insect attracts both men and women, which is associated with symbolism. In any part of the world, dragonflies are associated with change, transformation, self-improvement and adaptability.

The rapid flight of dragonflies over the surface of the water symbolizes the destruction of boundaries and stereotypes, going beyond superficial judgments and views. The dragonfly moves easily and gracefully. Depending on the angle of sunlight, the body and wings flutter with different shades. The Dragonfly tattoo will be an elegant body decoration that will harmoniously complement the fashionable look.

Dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly tattoo

Dragonfly tattoo meaning

The different meanings of the dragonfly tattoo make it possible to find a suitable meaning with a personal idea in mind.

Dragonflies are often associated with mysticism and transformation. The insect begins life in water, and only when it becomes an adult, it acquires wings and the ability to fly. The element of water personifies the subconscient, the element of air - freedom. Elements are united in the form of a dragonfly. Tattoo takes on a new meaning - freedom of spirit and expression, spiritual growth and creativity.

The dragonfly symbolizes the removal of doubts and gaining self-confidence. In another interpretation, the insect is associated with virtue and the search for one’s own identity. People who choose a dragonfly tattoo, prefer to live a full life, realize their desires and move towards the dream. The huge eyes of an insect mean the ability to notice subtle details and see more than the rest.

Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs

The main values of a dragonfly tattoo:

  • Happy change.
  • Carelessness and ease of living.
  • The ability to find a way out of difficult situations.
  • Hope and love.
  • New beginnings.
  • Wins and achievements.
  • Dreams and aspirations.
  • Personal growth.

Dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly tattoo

The symbol has a special significance in Japan, where the dragonfly is the national emblem.

Japan is known in the world as the island of dragonflies, which is related to the legend. According to legend, the emperor sat on the top of the mountain and looked down. He saw that the outlines of the islands resemble dragonflies. In Japan, these insects are venerated, considered a symbol that brings good luck and prosperity. Dragonflies are present in the logos of many Japanese companies. This is a popular tattoo design.

Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs

Dragonfly is the main character of many Japanese fairy tales, songs, legends.

Dragonflies actively move to the goal, without retreating and without doubts. A Japanese legend says that the emperor bit a leprechaun on the hunt. Before the leprechaun could bite the emperor’s hand a second time, a dragonfly ran into him and ate him. The emperor was so impressed with the courage and speed of the dragonfly that he named the plain he was driving in her honor.

Dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly tattoo
Design variants

Dragonfly tattoo sketches vary in color and size.

The insect image is used to fill the space of the sleeve and create other large-scale compositions. Popular design variants:

  • With a flower. Represents beauty and order, happiness and well-being.
  • With key. It symbolizes mystery and uncertainty, mystical reincarnations and magical abilities.
  • With a four-leaf clover. Dragonfly and four-leaf clover represent luck. Both symbols add value together.
  • Black dragonfly means spiritual enlightenment and serves as a protection from trouble.
  • Blue dragonfly indicates the ability to control negative thoughts and emotions.
  • The Red dragonfly represents energy and inner harmony, vitality and financial stability.

Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs

In ancient China, dragonflies were thought to bring good luck to anyone they decided to land on.

Dragonfly tattoos are made on the shoulder, wrist, palm and foot, neck and in other places that could be a place to get an insect. Inscriptions and other elements are used to personalize the native image.

Dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly tattoo
Different styles

Different styles are suitable for dragonfly tattoos.

The choice depends on the personal preferences of the future owner. A Celtic-style body painting looks spectacular. The characteristic Celtic knots, interlaces and patterns are striking for their thoughtfulness and aesthetics. Other styles:

  • Traditional. The image in this style conveys the colorful and attractive appearance of the insect.
  • New School. The style is ideal for the transfer of texture, expression and multi-color wing flushes.
  • Watercolor. The fashion direction that determines the artistic value of the work.
  • 3D format. Dragonfly made in a realistic style, ready at any minute to burst out of the skin. Fine detail and shadows make it possible to create pictures that are distinguished by photographic accuracy.

Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs
Dragonfly tattoo designs

Dragonfly tattoos are often performed with bright colors to convey the natural beauty of the insect.

Popular variants of one are linework or minimalist style. Miniature tattoos are located in different parts of the body. The location depends on the desire to demonstrate the tattoo or hide it from prying eyes.

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