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What does the dragon tattoo symbolize?

The dragon tattoo sketch can have different interpretations.

Everything depends on the country, culture, features of the composition. The image is quite interesting, ambiguous, but has a sacred meaning. What exactly is it? We’ll find out next.

dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
  • The Chinese considered the dragons harmonious, strong and kind creatures.
  • In Japan, the image meant wisdom, power, strength, courage and nobility.
  • In Europe, the creature was compared to a demon that could destroy everything and create chaos.
  • The ancient Greeks feared fire-breathing creatures because they considered them harbingers of misfortune, guilty of wars.

    If it was decided to have the image of the Dragon, it is worth considering the drawing to the smallest detail. After all, they determine the meaning and can carry positive or negative meaning.

dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design

What type of person gets a dragon tattoo?

An interesting fact: men and women alike often choose a dragon tattoo to beautify their bodies.

In any case, the drawing is more suitable for confident, authoritative and noble people. The belligerent symbol will help the tattoo owner to persevere to his/her goal, achieve career growth, get success in all endeavours.

dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design

Where to get a tattoo?

Choosing a tattoo site is an important step in the preparation for the procedure.

Here you should take into account the size of the picture, execution difficulties, the threshold of skin sensitivity. Where is the best place to get a dragon tattoo and what plot to choose? Consider the most popular option:

  • Back - here a large composition is quite possible. A fire-breathing creature with spread wings will look great. It is about power, strength and aggression.
  • Hands - the upward dragon will become a symbol of spiritual principle, nobility and success.
  • Shoulder - has enough space to show a peaceful or intimidating creature in full growth.
  • Neck - here miniature tattoos look graceful, stylish and neat. Both men and women like this place for such tattoos.
  • The lower part of the back is one of the most popular places on the body, where the battle scenes, dragons with flowers, moon, swords are made.
  • Ankle, wrist - this places are visible almost all the time, although it can easily be hidden under clothes. Tattoo helps to reveal the personality of a person, his/her strengths and traits of character. Dragon tattoo in this place is also considered a symbol of luck, prosperity, protection from negativity.

dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
Best Styles

The tattoo artist’s skill allows you to make a drawing in a most unusual way.

You can emphasize the contour or overall shade, show maximum details and realism. Also, it is possible to surprise everybody with colors and brightness. What will you choose?

dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
dragon tattoo design
  1. Japanese style. It is characterized by sharp long claws, a catfish moustache, a long beard, a deer or an ox horns. The pattern is dominated by black, red, yellow. In general, the style symbolizes the unity of the inner and outer world. It is about luck, wisdom, power, protection and patronage.
  2. Linework. The highlight of the style is clear, thick contours, lines and bends. It is ideal for any part of the body.
  3. Traditional. Such a sketch of the dragon tattoo will be bright and colorful. Due to the skill of the tattoo artist can become a real masterpiece of art.
  4. Graphics. Black and white shades or colours are characteristic for this style. Not all elements of the picture are drawn, but only its most expressive details, areas, parts. There is a strict detail, due to which the tattoo «comes alive».
  5. New School. The tattoos are more like comic drawings, unrealistic depictions of characters, graffiti paintings. It looks unusual, interesting, more suitable for young and creative people.
  6. Abstraction. The uniqueness of such tattoos is that they combine unusual elements, images and shapes. It can be a unique development of the master or clients. Supplementing the mystic being with unusual patterns and details. Execution in the most unexpected color. It is a great solution for those people who want to stand out from the crowd.

When you need a high-quality sketch of the dragon tattoo on a certain part of the body - you should immediately contact a professional master. Ask him/her the details of the procedure, the features of its conducton. Ask for advice and take into account the recommendations. VeAn salon masters will consult absolutely free of charge. Tnen you can safely come to the procedure for the most stylish, attractive and unique tattoo.

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