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Dove tattoo: what does it
mean, designs and styles

Dove tattoo is one of the popular body art options, which is due to numerous positive values.

A bird with fluffy white plumage is a universally recognized symbol of freedom and love. Doves are beautiful and clever birds that have served man since ancient times. The messages were delivered with the help of doves. They made the ceremonies royal and exquisite. The bird body image is inspiring and motivates, with a strong optimistic focus.

Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs

Dove tattoo meaning

Dove is a common character in different cultures and religions.

In ancient Greek culture, the bird is associated with the goddess of peace, balance and harmony. Her name was Eirene. The bird is often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, who was born in the chariot of doves. Jesus is surrounded by doves in many paintings, which gave rise to the perception of the dove as the Holy Spirit. In the Muslim religion, the bird is the oracle of the prophet Muhammad.

Dove tattoo
Dove tattoo

The bird is mentioned in numerous myths and traditions.

The main meanings of tattoo dove - peace and love, faith and religion, piety and innocence. Traditional views of the dove take on meaning:

  • Hope and faith.
  • Commitment to family values.
  • Happy love.
  • Cessation of differences and peaceful settlement of conflicts.
  • Peace and tranquility.
  • Purification of the soul.
  • Noble, sublime emotions.

Dove tattoos are chosen to show adherence to religious traditions and spiritual beliefs. Doves are often seen as messages. Additional inscriptions, details and elements help decipher the meaning of the message.

Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs

Different designs

Dove tattoos vary in size and location.

It is often depicted in flight or with broken wings, which is associated with restraint. More often, body images are made in black and white. However, there are color options. Dove feather is a common story used independently or as part of a complex composition. Popular design options:

  • The flying dove. Represents openness to the world, hope and faith.
  • A bird that holds an olive branch in its beak. It is a symbol of Christianity and victory over death. It means staying alive despite the troubles and the problems.
  • White symbolizes peace and innocence.
  • Black means changing the path and finding the meaning of life. Black doves are associated with higher ideals, rebirth and transformation, mysticism and mystery.
  • With an angel. The bird, which is associated with faith and spirituality, in combination with an angel acquires a pronounced religious connotation.
  • Two doves often symbolize the newlyweds or the couple in love. It means the affection and strong bond of two people, deep feelings for each other. Doves belong to monogamous birds. They usually form a pair that lasts a lifetime.
  • With mandala. Indicates the primacy of love in the cycle of life and death. Symbolizes the humility of the spirit and the depth of the inner world.

Dove tattoo
Dove tattoo

Usually, the dove tattoo sketch is chosen by people with high moral convictions and inner values.

Often a bird tattoo indicates an open and emotional nature. This body image is chosen by people who want to emphasize sincere, tender feelings towards the partner. The dove tattoo often represents the success of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. To personalize the image, the master uses various techniques, including adding inscriptions and details.

Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs
Different styles

The tattoo dove is performed in different styles.

The body image of the bird looks spectacular and expressive in the styles of Traditional, Neo-traditional, Abstraction. The choice of design is influenced by the artistic taste of the future owner of the tattoo.

Dove tattoo
Dove tattoo

Deep detail allows to create complex works that resemble works of art.

In the works in the Realism style, the bird looks like a living bird. Often, the dove symbolizes personal ideas that are not openly displayed. In this case, the best choice is tattoo made in the minimalist style. Popular styles for performing dove tattoo:

  • Celtic. This style is distinguished by the presence of weaves and patterns that give the image of the bird a special flavor. The dove tattoo in the Celtic style takes on added significance - a message, an omen of events that did not happen.
  • Japanese. Body image with many small details will not go unnoticed by the surrounding people. Style features are complex patterns, asymmetry and filling space between the main elements of the image. As a result, the tattoo looks spectacular and dynamic. In Japanese culture, the dove is associated with the God of War. The depiction of a bird with a sword symbolizes recovery or the end of a dispute.
  • New School. The dove can look funny and resemble an animated character. A bird in a hat and shoes is the perfect choice for creative personalities.

Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs
Dove tattoo designs

To place a dove tattoo fit any body parts.

Often, a body image is made on the back or chest, shoulder, wrist or ankle. The choice depends on the size of the image and the idea that the owner puts.

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