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Daisy Tattoos

A daisy tattoo is one of the popular body art designs due to the aesthetic appeal of the flower and the symbolism.

The flower has a yellow center of the flower and long small petals, which are white and colored. It is one of the universally recognized symbols of peace, purity, innocence and love. People often choose a daisy body image inspired by the perfection and grace of the flower. However, after getting know the meaning of the tattoo, you may fall in love with the daisy even more.

Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos

What does
a daisy symbolize?

The meaning of the daisy tattoo may vary depending on the context and the idea of the owner.

The flower tattoo is often done in honor of people who take a special place in life - relatives, lovers, friends, children. Main meanings:

  • Loyalty and love.
  • Achievement of goals and luck.
  • Friendship, happiness and joy.
  • Innocence, purity and virtue.
  • Self-improvement and support.
  • New beginnings and a new stage in life.

Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos

In Celtic mythology, daisies are associated with funeral ceremonies.

It was believed that the gods left flowers near the graves of the dead to cheer their relatives. In this context, the body image is suitable for preserving the memory of deceased loved ones.

In Scandinavian culture, daisy is the sacred flower of the goddess of love and fertility, Freya. In Roman mythology, the nymph Belides, persecuted by the god Vertumne, turned into a daisy field to escape an intrusive follower.

Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos

Daisy Tattoo Designs

The daisy tattoo is a cute, elegant body decoration that harmoniously combines with any way and style of clothing.

The body image looks great on its own and as part of a sophisticated design with different additions. Depending on the color of the petals, the meaning of the daisy tattoo is expanded:

  • White. Purity and spirituality. It is a suitable sketch for the expression of love for the child and an opportunity to emphasize religiosity.
  • Pink. Tenderness and femininity. This design is often chosen in honor of beloved ones.
  • Red. Passion and expression. The choice of people who experience stormy romantic relationships and vividly express emotions.
  • Yellow. Friendliness, happiness and creativity. This design is often chosen to create couple tattoos with friends. Another interpretation is the desire to become happy and attract positive energy.
  • Green. Wisdom and inner harmony.

Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos

  • Orange. Responsibility and strength. Means overcoming obstacles, protection and assistance in a difficult moment.
  • Blue. Emotional and mysterious, calm and balanced. People who choose a sketch want to demonstrate their commitment to their feelings and beliefs.
  • Purple. Independence and mystery. Means love for freedom, resolute achievement of goals and patronage of higher forces.
  • A bouquet of daisies symbolizes new beginnings and romantic feelings. The sketch is chosen by people who open a new chapter in the book of life and found a happy love. When compiling the bouquet take into account the value of each flower. As a result, the image concept is greatly expanded.
  • With gerbera. Daisies and gerberas are bright flowers that evoke positive, life-affirming associations. The significance of the native drawing - faith and hope, movement for a better future, success and happiness.
  • With a sunflower. The double symbol of joy, warmth and hope. The plot is often chosen by people who want to achieve inner harmony and find happiness.
  • With Rose. Tattoo with double romantic meaning. The best way to show that you found happy love. Design is also suitable for romantic natures that perceive life emotionally.
  • With a lily. Symbolizes the desire for success and personal growth. The plot is suitable for people who are determined and willing to put a lot of effort to finish the job.

It is believed that a daisy tattoo with a cat brings luck, with a bee indicates loyalty and calmness, with a butterfly it symbolizes the desire for freedom. To personalize the tattoo, you may use inscriptions, names, quotes that reflect a common concept.

Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos
Daisy Tattoos
Different styles

Daisy tattoos can be colored and black and white.

Flower body images can be single or multiple. You may see them separately or as part of a large-scale composition, for example, when the sleeve is chosen to be made. The masters use different styles to create tattoos:

  • Watercolor. Colorful tattoo looks like a watercolor drawing.
  • Realism. The detailed body art fully conveys the beauty and grace of the flower.
  • Minimalism. Concise drawing, often done with one line.
  • Geometry. Body image that is created using geometric shapes of different forms and sizes.
  • Abstraction. Tattoo without clear contours in a futuristic manner.

The daisy tattoo is universal in terms of the location on the body. They are easy to place in any place - on the palm or foot, wrist or forearm, back or chest. The location depends on the size of the tattoos and personal preferences of the future owner.

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