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Crown tattoo :
sacral meaning

Quite often on the shoulder, hand, ankle, back of boys and girls you can see a drawing with the Crown.

What does it mean and why do people choose this symbol? This image has many meanings. So, let’s read about some interpretations:

  • Symbolizes prestige, power, strength, luck.
  • Shows the presence of some connection with the Catholic or Orthodox faith.
  • Emphasizes the external and inner beauty, the ambition.
  • Speaks of tenderness and romance of its owner.

The crown tattoo sketch is depicted in often made with a lion, letters or inscriptions, flowers, skulls, heart, and other elements. In each case, it is worth interpreting the meaning of the tattoo in a new way, depending on the features of the composition.

crown tattoo design
crown tattoo design
crown tattoo design

Crown tattoo
for a man

The natural qualities of a man is to achieve his goal, to be a breadwinner, leader.

Therefore, and body drawings quite often show these features of character. By choosing a crown as a tattoo, men prove their superiority, the ability to reach new heights, rich life experience. Such people know exactly the price and in any situation will win.

Crown tattoo for a man often contains significant inscriptions, crosses, roses, animal images (a wolf and a lion). Getting it a man wants to show his courage, tenacity, strength of character, luck and success.

crown tattoo design
crown tattoo design

Crown Tattoos
for women

Historically, the crown was worn by princesses and queens.

The symbol of power was at the same time a decoration that emphasized the beauty of the owner, her charm, individuality. Today, a crown tattoo is chosen as a sign of self-confidence and the manifestation of feelings towards a particular person (then the drawing contains the initials, names). Also a symbol of rebellion, dominance, romance.

Girls prefer more colorful variants, unlike men. They prefer such styles as Watercolor, Old school, Realism.

crown tattoo design
crown tattoo design
crown tattoo design

How to choose
a right place for a tattoo?

It is worth considering several important nuances: size, pain threshold of a certain part of the body, the presence of defects by type of scars, style and color of the drawing, complexity of execution.

The crown tattoo sketch is placed in such areas:

  • The Fist - both black and white and color pictures look good in this place. Hands are always visible, so this option is unlikely to suit business people.
  • The neck is an ideal place for miniature body decoration. Equally popular with men and women.
  • The hand - has enough free space, so allows you to show imagination in terms of choice of composition.
  • Wrist - oversized tattoos in this place show self-confidence and are made for good luck.
  • The blade is a popular area for 3D images, looks chic with the use of colorful pigments, complex techniques of execution.
  • Lower part of the back - here the tattoo with the crown can be large, with almost no pain and discomfort during the procedure is not felt.
  • Ribs and breasts - sketches here are made in memory of dear person, feelings, memories. The drawing can easily be hidden under clothes and shown only to relatives, family members.
  • Leg is a good option for men who want to express creativity, show freedom of thought and action. Vertical drawings here are the best option.

crown tattoo design
crown tattoo design

If there are any doubts about the choice of the place for a tattoo, there is a fear of the procedure itself - you should come to have a free consultation at the salon VeAn Tattoo.

The maste will talk in detail about the intricacies of the process, help to choose the best version of the sketch, advise the placement where the tattoo will look best. And, of course, will do everything in the best way. Come for beauty at any convenient time. We will be glad to see each client!

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