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Bat tattoo design

Mystique is one of the most popular tattoo trends.

Quite a large percentage of both men and women choose mystical sketches with night creatures such as owls, wolves, crows and many others. Bats occupy a leading position in this list. It is noteworthy that the image of the bat can have both positive and negative significance. This is another reason for the popularity of such tattoos.

bat tattoo ideas
bat tattoo ideas

Interpretation of bat tattoo

Negative interpretations:


The most popular version is a bat and vampire incarnation. Since bats are night predators who eat the blood of warm-blooded animals, the reason for this is clear. In this case, the bat symbolizes evil and association with the dark forces. Since there are known cases of bats attacking humans, this creature causes fear and fear, which, in fact, put in the meaning of such tattoos.


During the Middle Ages, a version of the connection of bats with the Otherworld was strongly supported. Such unique possibilities were ascribed to these mammals even before Christianity as a religion. It is because of their ability to sense the mysteries of nature that the bats were most often used as pets by witches, wizards and sorcerers to perform a variety of rituals. After the emergence of the Christian religion, bats were at all attributed a direct connection with the devil and considered them a satanic symbol. As a result, bats were hunted and actively killed. It was believed that their corpses, hung outside the house, serve as a guard against evil power.

bat tattoo ideas
bat tattoo ideas
bat tattoo ideas

Positive interpretations:

Bat in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

In these countries, the bat was worshipped. Because of its sharp night vision and its beautiful orientation in the dark space, the bat represented vigilance and insight. And in Homer’s work, there is mention that the bat is a representative of the afterlife, because the souls of the dead received after death wings like a bat.

Bat in China.

In Chinese culture, the bat has only positive symbols. It is associated with luck, fertility and longevity. In some parts of China, this animal is a symbol of worthy death.

bat tattoo ideas
bat tattoo ideas

Bat tattoo in art

Bat tattoo also has its interpretation in the art.

In the first place, the meaning is important, which puts and the relationship directly to the person who chose this tattoo.

It is worth noting that quite a large part of the modern audience of tattoo lovers (both male and female) represents the bat with heroism and protection. All thanks to the popular Hollywood movie Batman.

Whatever value you choose for yourself, to bet that such a sketch will look wonderful simply impossible. Make your point, add details in the form of a full moon or web, fantasize and enjoy the result.

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