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Arrow tattoo

The arrow is one of the most powerful symbols in tattoo culture.

This symbol has a huge number of meanings, and the use of various additions in the composition only expands the range of possible interpretations. At the same time, the tattoo arrow, made by a talented master, looks very effective and attractive, great for men and women.

Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo

What is the symbolism
of the arrow in tattoo aesthetics?

The arrow symbol used in tattoo sketches is one of the most ancient, interesting and multi-valued.

Since ancient times, the bow and arrow served its owner in hunting and battles, and the art of accurately shooting an arrow was incredibly valuable - the level of possession of this weapon often depended on the life of the shooter. Arrows are a fairly popular symbol in heraldry, indicating military glory and heroism.

In the ancient Greeks with a bow or a bundle of arrows the god Apollo was depicted, and the Romans revered the goddess Diana, capable of striking any target with its golden bow. And today, the arrow symbol has different shades of meaning in male and female tattoos.

  • In the sketches for men, the arrow tattoo is largely a sign of valor, courage and courage. However, in order for a shooter to glorify himself by feats in combat or hunting trophies, he must be successful and strong, bold, and purposeful. These qualities are reported by the tattoo, the central element of which is an arrow.
  • The arrow tattoos are also very common among women. They symbolize the search, determination, ability to overcome any obstacles. However, depending on the style of the tattoo, the arrow may have a romantic interpretation - like the Amur’s arrow, feeding into the heart. In addition, the tattoo for women such a symbol echoes with the sunlight that fills the world with the energy of life.

Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo

Due to the many-valued image of the arrow, the authors of the sketches of this more than concise symbol complement various objects that make the semantic load much more concrete.

Here are some popular versions of the arrow in the aesthetics of the tattoo:A few arrows tied with a cord speak of vigilance and a desire to fight for their ideals.

  • But the tattoo depicting arrows entangled in spikes shoots is often chosen by people living in complex, complicated relationships.
  • In doing so, crossing arrows without additional elements usually indicate a desire for harmony and balance, equivalent to the value of love and friendship.
  • The arrow pointing north is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.
  • The arrow that flies to the south is a sign of the desire for reason and awareness.
  • A westward arrow is characteristic of a man who is often guided by intuition.
  • The arrow that is pointing towards the east is a sign of foresight in decision-making.

So, the symbolic meaning of an arrow tattoo can, in addition to the conventional meanings, have for each person a different, individual interpretation. The owner of such a tattoo is free to associate with such a choice his own values, views, beliefs and inner state.

Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo

Arrow tattoo styles

Arrow tattoos can be performed in a variety of styles.

Among the most popular options tattoo masters often offer such solutions:

  • Traditional tattoos are arrows decorated with geometric ornament, reminiscent of Native American or Aboriginal Australian weapons.
  • Close to it, the Tribal style, also involves the use of decor in the form of patterns, however, demanding symmetry, balance and harmony.
  • Realistic body images that convey many details, clearly drawn tips and plumage are incredibly effective and look very stylish.
  • Gothic requires the usage of dark elements and balances within a dark range of shades. To the image of the arrow often add other elements - skulls, crosses, candles, letters.
  • Old School impresses with the grotesque brightness of the color and the purposely bold contours. Arrows in such sketches are often combined with inscriptions, tapes.
    Minimalism is about very concise images, without unnecessary details, very expressive and effective.

Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo
Where to get
an arrow tattoo

In the vast majority of cases, arrow tattoos are compact enough, so you can choose any area of the body for such decorations.

Here are some examples:

  • on the shoulder or forearm - the arrow is placed along the hand to make it visible to others;
  • arrow on the back - looks bold, bold and very effective;
  • on the chest - usually make more subtle, graceful images with a clear drawing of details;
  • on the thigh - in a female tattoo arrow with this arrangement gives an image of sexuality and spiciness;
  • on the wrist - stylish miniature images can be placed that add a special look to the charm;
  • on the shoulder - looks great in combination with other tattoos;
  • on the fingers is a great choice if the tattoo is very important to you and you are ready to demonstrate it to everyone, without exception.
Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo
Arrow tattoo

Regardless of your choice, a high-quality arrow tattoo will help to emphasize your personality, add charm and style.

To a large extent, the choice of place for tattoos is determined by the lifestyle and the need to observe the dress code. If tattoos on your workplace are not welcome, for a new image with a graceful arrow is to find a place that can easily be hidden by clothes.

It is very important to remember that the pleasure of new stylish decoration on the body largely depends on the choice of studio, experience and diversity of skills of the master. Do not hesitate to study the master’s portfolio, reviews about the studio, discuss various variants of sketches - in this case, your new tattoo with an arrow or other pattern will cause extremely admirable looks.

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