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Why do people
get Anubis tattoo?

Anubis tattoo design is unusual body mark.

All because the image of the deity associated with the world of the dead. In ancient times it signified protection from the dark forces, could heal from diseases, scare away evil looks. In Egyptian mythology, Anubis was considered a conduit to the afterlife, so people feared this creature, feared for their own lives.

Modern people describe Anubis more positive. They consider the ancient Egyptian God to be a guide to heaven, a keeper of secrets and a patron of medical knowledge. This tattoo is chosen be people of different professions and beliefs. The figure has very powerful energy, personifies power, mighty, achievement of goals.

anubis tattoo meaning
anubis tattoo meaning

Anubis tattoo meaning
for men and women

Anubis tattoo is regarded by men as a symbol of sacrifice, the balance between the dark and light side of the soul, the search for a true purpose.

It is often chosen by people to protect against negativity It is a charm. Such a drawing will be definitely choseb by a man with a difficult fate who still hopes for a bright future.

For women, the Anubis tattoo design represents willpower, lack of fear and determination. Such personalities know no barriers and confidently stand on their feet, achieving success. They demonstrate to others the resilience of character in any conditions.

anubis tattoo meaning
anubis tattoo meaning
anubis tattoo meaning

Common themes
in Anubis tattoos

  • Classical, in the form of a portrait - God Anubis in human form with the head of a dog using black and white shades. It will become an effective amulet and symbol of rebirth and power.
  • It is with the scales in hands – it means the honesty of the person, directness, determination, positive intentions, power and influence.
  • «Eye of Anubis» is a symbol of knowledge in medicine. It is often found in people with profession of pharmacist, psychologist and doctor.
  • It is with a crown on its head – it reflects power, greatness, social influence. The possibility of influencing human destinies.
  • Anubis and ancient inscriptions, signs - as a reminder of the transience of life, the existence of higher powers, the wisdom of generations.
  • In combination with the Scarab Beetle - is a talisman that attracts financial well-being and youth.
  • Anubis and Ra - two completely opposite gods by vocation are created on the body to compare good and evil, positive intentions and deadly decisions.

anubis tattoo meaning
anubis tattoo meaning

Anubis tattoo design can be supplemented with a double Egyptian crown, the skin of the beast, the divine sign of Sehim, birds and other elements.

The picture can be done in a certain color: green (as a sign of rebirth), yellow (symbol of power), black (resembles the afterlife), white (for purification and reincarnation of personality).

anubis tattoo meaning
anubis tattoo meaning
anubis tattoo meaning
Best place
to get a tattoo

Anubis tattoo sketch looks great on any part of the body.

But a full-length picture will be perfect only on the back, hand, leg and shoulder. It is better to place a large portrait in black and white or other shades on the wrist and ankle. On the chest you can easily depict the scene of the struggle, Anubis against the background of the pyramids or sunset. On the ribs are possible to get the outline of the eye of Anubis, sign Ankh. A beautiful image will look great on the neck. Still, it should be made by a realy professional tattoo master. The image meaning does not change in any way depending on the area on the body.

Choosing a suitable drawing for yourself, it can become a real amulet, a defense against all bad, a guide to the right priorities in life. And if you need an individual, author’s sketch of the Anubis - contact the masters of “VeAn Tattoo”, where you can find a lot of creative ideas and unexpected solutions. First consultation is free of charge.

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