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What do angels
look like?

Angels are part of the mythology of many cultures.

They represent power and unearthly beauty. Most often they are depicted in human body with huge and luxurious wings.

The Angel is another incredibly popular tattoo icon that both the men and women. It is chosen equally.

angel tattoo designs
angel tattoo designs
angel tattoo designs
What does the angel
tattoo mean?

The interpretation of such a tattoo may differ depending on which of the angels you choose to depict. Below we consider the most popular among them:

  1. Archangel. A warrior angel who is most often depicted with a spear or sword in his hands. The main message of such a tattoo is to fight the dark side. What it can be as a struggle with external factors, and the struggle with one’s self deep inside.
  2. Cherub. It often has the appearance of an innocent child with small wings. The main task of such an angel is to protect a person from darkness. The most famous and popular cherub in tattoo sketches is Cupid. He personifies love and protects a person from unhappy love. Innocence is the main feature of such angels. That is why such tattoos are very popular among girls.
  3. Fallen Angel. An angel banished from Paradise for his mistakes symbolizes man’s dark past. Getting such a tattoo, the owner shows that he/she made mistakes in the past that he/she now regrets. One of the most popular fallen angels is the Grim Reaper. He always has dark black wings. The main task of such a tattoo is to remind the owner of death and teach the value of every minute of life.
  4. Fairy.It is about fantastic creatures - fairies and elves. Most often they are little angels who embody in themselves the lightness, playfulness and innocence.

angel tattoo designs
angel tattoo designs
The most popular image
of angels

An angel is always about protection.

And how can he protect? Is he a prayer? The image of a praying angel is the most popular design equally among all tattoo lovers. This tattoo has several interpretations:

  • Help in achieving your Heaven prayer to be heard;
  • Healing of pain from loss of close or dear person;
  • Helping to achieve spiritual balance.

These are all classic interpretations, but the essence of the angel tattoo is that every other person can put his/her own, understandable only to him/her, deep meaning. Some people believe that this is one of the most powerful charms. Nevertheless, there are those who like this kind of tattoo as it is. They do not try to try to find any special sense, but just enjoy such «beautification» of their body.

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